'You Don't Belong Here': Female Mechanic Films Colleague's Sexist Remarks

A female mechanic has captured one of her male colleagues on camera telling her directly to her face: "You don't belong here."

Footage of the astonishing exchange was posted to TikTok by Mechanicchickjess, with the resulting video racking up more than 6.7 million views.

The incident serves as a further reminder that while much has changed in the world of work today, sexism and sexist attitudes still exist.

According to one TikTok post, the woman sharing the clips is Jessica E. Cardoso, an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) qualified automotive technician from Florida.

In the clip, Cardoso can be heard challenging a male co-worker to air his views on her position in the workplace.

"You're gonna be famous, go ahead, say it," she tells him.

"You don't belong here," he replies.

"I don't belong where?" Cardoso responds, seeking clarification.

"You don't belong here...in the mechanic world," he says.

The exchange serves as the introduction of a largely inspirational video featuring clips of the mechanic fitting tires and auto parts interspersed with pictures of Cardoso in her uniform and soundtracked by Addison Rae's "Gym Motivation."


I’m still trying to get used to this app 😅

♬ Gym Motivation - Addison Zegan

However, much of the discussion around the clip has centered on the incident at the start, with fans flocking to show their support.

"You belong wherever you find your passion keep pushing forward you're a lioness," leo102063 wrote.

Jalepeno12_20 commented: "Guys will post a pin up picture of a girl working in a car in their room but then get mad when they actually see it in real life."

Tinkeringbelle_ said: "Men hate the fact that we can do their labor intensive jobs just as good if not better then they can."

"My sister sent me this video, knowing I want to be a mechanic," nickrose_99 added.

"I honestly kinda cried bc she sent it to show she believes in me."

In a follow-up video, Cardoso shared an extended version of the exchange with her male colleague to dispel any suggestion she edited the video.

"I didn't cut it to make him look bad. If anything," she wrote. "I cut it to make him look better."


Guys 😅 this video is a real raw video of the haters 😂 I didn’t cut it to make him look bad. If anything I cut it to make him look better 😅

♬ original sound - mechanicchickjess

In the extended clip, the man can be heard explaining that rather than be a mechanic she should be "out doing something you like, like going to a college."

"I am going to college," she responds.

"Don't be here," he says.

"Why?" she asks.

"Because this is a man's world," he replies.

According to a Facebook profile purporting to be that of Cardoso, she is currently studying mechanical engineering at Orange Technical College in Florida.

Newsweek has reached out to Cardoso for further comment.

The issue of sexism has been a topic of much discussion in recent weeks amid the ongoing scandal that has seen Mike Richards ousted as the host and executive producer of Jeopardy!, after sexist comments he made in a previous podcast came to light.

In another incident, a New York Mets fan sparked a huge argument with another group of supporters after making a series of disparaging remarks about a woman's choice of clothing.

A female and male mechanics.
Stock image of two mechanics. A female automotive repair worker has shared a video of the disparaging remarks one male colleague directed at her. Amorn Suriyan/Getty