How to Do the No Beard Filter on TikTok As Trend Viewed Over 87 Million Times

A Snapchat filter that virtually removes one's beard is trending on TikTok with people posting their reactions—and their partner's reactions—to a clean shave.

Although the trend is popular on TikTok, the videos themselves are recorded on Snapchat first, and then exported.

The videos typically involve someone placing a hand over their mouth so that the filter does not immediately activate.

Then, as the person removes their hand, the filter erases their beard to show what the person might look like if they were clean-shaven. Sometimes it works better than others.

How to get the no beard filter

To use the filter, head to Snapchat and open the app in front-facing camera mode.

Then, tap and hold on your face until the filter selection comes up near the bottom of the screen.

The app may not immediately show up on the filter selection, so tap "Explore" on the bottom right, which is Snapchat's filter search feature.

Then, type "no beard" and select one of the filters that works best. Newsweek found one by author Andre Pappas that appears to work in the same way as those in popular TikTok videos.

Users may also come across a filter published by Snapchat called "Remove Beard," but this only takes still photos and cannot be used in the same way as in the viral videos.

Then, using the filter, record a video. Afterwards, while the video is replaying, an icon should appear at the bottom of the screen that looks like a down arrow pointing towards a box. Click this to save the video.

The video should then be saved locally on the device. Open TikTok, and upload the video in the same way as you would upload any other video stored on your phone. To make the most of the trend, it may be best to include the hashtags #nobeardfilter or #nobeard in the caption.

On March 10 the #nobeardfilter trend had amassed more than 87 million views.

The filter appears to work best on people with short beards. One user said: "It makes me look like a deepfake of myself."

People with longer beards may find the effect looks glitchy or unrealistic underneath their chin.

The trend is the latest to go viral on Tiktok. At the end of 2020 the social media company released a "Top 100" list of top 10 individual videos, top 10 hashtag trends, top 10 creators, and more.

Recently, videos featuring a CGI animation of actor Tom Cruise went viral with users shocked at how realistic they were. The clips were an example of deepfake technology.

TikTok logo on phone screen
A photo shows the TikTok logo displayed on a phone screen in Paris, 2019. The #nobeard hashtag has gathered tens of millions of views. AFP/Getty/Lionel Bonaventure