TikTok Party 'Adrian's Kickback' Brings Chaotic Scenes to Huntington Beach

Adrian's Kickback, a party organized on TikTok, brought chaotic scenes to Huntington Beach, California, overnight on Saturday.

Hundreds of people turned up to the beach for the event—purporting to be a May 22 birthday celebration—that had gained traction online, with hashtag #Adrian'sKickback viewed nearly 200 million times on TikTok by early Sunday morning.

Video clips posted on the social media site overnight on Saturday showed peaceful scenes as crowds danced to music near a beach hut and in nearby streets.

Separate footage from the scene showed a significant police presence and crowds fleeing as fireworks exploded near partygoers.

Videographer Sean Carmitchel shared footage from the scene on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. He reported seeing bottles being thrown toward police officers. He told Newsweek officers returned fire with a "high amount" of non-lethal weapons.

Another of Carmitchel's videos, below, showed a firework explode in the street.

Police dropped some pepper bullets. Firework thrown at police. I was just hit by less lethal munitions in bio and… back of head. #adrianskickback pic.twitter.com/hlwpk1Ah1Z

— Sean Carmitchel (@ACatWithNews) May 23, 2021

TikTok-users claimed to be traveling from as far as Las Vegas and Detroit to attend.

One TikToker, TT Kira, who said they did not join the party, posted a video showing dozens of people in the street in Huntington Beach.

"Y'all weren't playing wehn [sic] you said you going to adrian's kickback," they wrote.

"pleaseeee 1k teenagers showed up. 10 cop cars and three helicopters, while every teenager is driving like a pSYCOPATH...I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT WAS TODAY I JUST WANTED ICE CREAM."

Local police had been monitoring social media posts ahead of the event.

"As is the case with ALL large gatherings in Huntington Beach, we have taken steps to prepare for a potential increase in visitors this weekend due to a promoted gathering that has received significant interest on social media," a notice posted on Huntington Police Department's official Facebook page read on Saturday night.

That post carried a reminder that alcohol, drugs, and fireworks were banned from the beach.

Police declared an "unlawful assembly" late on Saturday, "due to unruly crowds."

An emergency curfew from 11:30 p.m. was declared for all individuals within the area of Beach Boulevard to Goldenwest and Pacific Coast Highway to Yorktown.

Later, officers ordered the area to be evacuated due to a bomb threat, KABC reported. Police found no explosive device, it was later confirmed.

The origins of the event were unclear on Sunday morning.

One TikTok account, @adrian.lopez517, claimed to be Adrian days before the event in a video, which was viewed more than a million times.

The account, which has now been made private, reportedly shared an invitation to the party invite as their first upload.

Newsweek has contacted Huntington Beach Police Department for comment.

Adrian's Kickback at Huntington Beach
People flee as a firework explodes in the street in Huntington Beach where police responded to a large gathering overnight on Saturday. Sean Carmitchel / ACatWithNews