Woman's Rant About Scientology Amid 'Top Gun 2' Release Goes Viral

Leah Remini has shared a TikTok user's rant about Tom Cruise and Scientology amid the release of the new Top Gun movie.

The remake of the 1980s blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick, has had huge box-office success on its opening weekend but the King of Queens actress has reminded her fans of Cruise's involvement with the controversial organization.

Remini gave up Scientology in 2013 and since then has been one of its most outspoken critics. She had joined the Church of Scientology alongside her family when she was aged 9.

Leah Remini, Tom Cruise
Leah Remini (L) has long been an outspoken critic of Scientology and Tom Cruise (R). Remini has shared a TikTok user's rant about Cruise and Scientology. Getty Images

Taking to TikTok, the former King of Queens star shared a clip from creator @skchgo and said she "couldn't have said it better" herself.

In the clip, @skchgo shared an interview clip of Cruise co-star Miles Teller praising the actor.

"Oh is this what we're doing now?" she begins. "We just completely forgot about the fact that he's in Scientology?

@leahremini I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you @skchgo @Tom Cruise #scientology #cult #totalitarian #1984 #topgun #topgunmaverick #tomcruise ♬ original sound - Leah Remini

"We completely forgot about the fact that like, you know, he's second in command in Scientology? We're gonna forget about Leah Remini and the stories that Leah Remini shared about leaving Scientology and the impact that Tom Cruise has on Scientology. No, we're not."

In 2017, Remini won a Television Critics Association award for her series, which denounces Scientology, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. In 2015, she published a memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

@skchgo continued: "We're going to leave out all the things that Scientology has done to people. We're going to play that game because because Tom Cruise gave you a little bit of attention and made you feel special.

"Oh, sweetie, that's called grooming. Yeah. He's on a call. And he's just trying to grow. It's trying to make you feel like he's normal. And he's not. And you fell for it. And this is so f***** typical f***** Hollywood. Seriously when you people don't wake the f*** up."

The clip shared by Remini has clocked up more than 410,000 on TikTok at the time of writing.

What Has Leah Remini Said About Tom Cruise and Scientology?

"Tom is very well aware of what is Scientology, truthfully," Remini said on Larry King Now back in 2016, adding that the actor thinks she's "literally the devil."

"He wouldn't say anything to me, because he thinks I'm the devil," she said at the time. "He honestly believes [...] Tom and most Scientologists, all Scientologists are taught to believe that people like me are literally the devil, that we mean them harm."

"He is very well-aware that it's an organization that is defrauding people out of their lives. But in his heart, I believe he believes it," said Remini.

"Tom is a fully dedicated and loyal Scientologist. Absolutely. I believe that he, like me, has been lied to."

In 2020, Remini urged people to "wake up" about Cruise's "good guy" image.

"I think it's time for people to start waking up to the real facts here. Tom has for years manipulated his image to be the good guy," Remini said in a statement to Us Weekly.

"Although I believe there was a time when Tom was a decent and kindhearted person, he has morphed himself into David Miscavige [leader of the Church of Scientology] and is completely dedicated to Scientology's mission to 'clear' planet Earth—which means making 80 percent of the world's population into Scientologists."

Newsweek has reached out to Cruise's representative for comment.