TikTok Teacher Branded as 'Racist' For Taking Student's Durag

A junior high teacher has been slammed online after footage surfaced of her mocking a Black student's durag she had confiscated earlier in the day.

Wyoming middle school teacher Mariah Webb was initially called out on TikTok by a popular Black creator who goes by the name Aunt Karen. On Tuesday, Webb posted a since-deleted video holding up a durag and making fun of the item.

"Things that my kids bring to school that I get to 'confinscate,'" she says, misstating the word "confiscate."

"Looks like pantyhose!" She ends her video by putting the durag on her head while making a face.

Aunt Karen quickly reposted the video along with Webb's personal information, including the names of her superiors at Sheridan Junior High School in Wyoming where she teaches. "Now Mariah, the devil works hard but we work harder," Aunt Karen says. "I was able to narrow you down from your 2017 wedding registry."

"And I got to say I am wondering if the [junior] high school knows that you enjoy purposefully confiscating your Black student's durag and then of course, 'Wearing them like pantyhose,' as you say?" she adds. "Well, I have some questions."

The video quickly gained 7.5 million views and over 2 million likes from heated students and parents. "Anything to steal Black joy," one user wrote. "Durags are a non-issue and honestly I can't stand teachers that remove student's comfort and expression," another added.

"Continue to call out people like this. I love it," one bold fan encouraged. "May they never Rest In Peace."

In a follow-up video Aunt Karen posted on her account, Webb apologizes for her "cultural insensitivity" and asks "for some forgiveness due to the context of the situation and [her] lack of education."

Webb claims that the durag was not taken from a Black student, but rather, a white student. "[He] had it wrapped around his neck in my class," she says. "I did not find this to be very appropriate so I took it from him, and thought it was just another silly item that my students were bringing to class."

"The reality of the situation is I posted that on TikTok thinking that they were pantyhose and put them on my head because sometimes I do silly things like that for my students, and it was very offensive," Webb adds. "And I apologize and I will never let it happen again."

Webb's TikTok account has since been deleted. Sheridan Junior High School has also not yet released a statement on the situation.

Durags have culturally been used by Black men and women as fashion statements as well as to protect and wave hair. Saleam T. Singleton, an expert in Black men's beauty and skincare, noted in January that they "[define] decades of Black American culture.

Earlier this week, a child daycare in Georgia was also under fire for classroom discrimination, with parents accusing faculty of feeding white kids while Black children were forced to wait.

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A school teacher has been slammed online for confiscating and mocking a Black student's durag. Camilo Freedman/APHOTOGRAFIA/Getty Images