Wendy's Customer Notices Car on Fire in Drive-Thru, Still Orders Food First

A viral video shows the moment a Wendy's customer noticed a car in the parking lot was on fire.

Juan Duran shared the clip to TikTok on March 4, where it has since gained over 800,000 views. Duran was at a Wendy's drive-thru in Round Rock, Texas, when the footage was captured.

After informing the worker of the incident, they simply replied "okay." Many viewers took notice of the fact Duran had ordered food before deciding to let the fast food employee know that there was a car on fire.

The video caught a red Lincoln Navigator on fire, with bright orange flames coming out of the front of the parked car.

"You know there's a car on fire outside?" he asked the employee. "Okay," they responded.

The video can also be seen here.

The Daily Dot spoke to the employee whose voice can be heard in the viral video, who informed them that they were unaware the car was on fire while taking the order. The employee, named TJ, later discovered that the car belonged to another customer who was inside of the Wendy's.

"No other customers told me it was on fire cause I think the fire was small enough that no one cared to tell us," she told The Daily Dot. "[We] went outside to make sure someone called 911, and they were on their way. The fire was put out and our manager just told us to stay inside and work like normal."

The outlet also spoke to the Round Rock location's manager, who used the name George Washington, and explained that he did not see the incident occur.

Viewers of the viral clip were left both concerned and entertained by the moment caught on camera, with many discussing Duran's choice to order food before alerting staff.

"I see you ordered before telling her...I would do the same thing tho," commented one user.

"Why are you chillin ordering while the car's on fire tho," asked another.

One user noted: "Mans gotta double bacon, fried and a drink then got worried about the fire."

TikTok is no stranger to capturing the wild going-ons at fast food restaurant drive-thrus.

In February, a fast food employee went viral on the app after showing footage of a customer throwing a drink through the window.

The video, which gained 8 million views and over 900,000 likes, documented the worker and customer in a heated exchange, before a drink is thrown into the window at the employee.

Just moments later and the employee similarly grabbed a drink and threw it back at the customer.