TikToker Goes Viral for Mary Poppins Outfit, Woos Disney World Employees

This ultimate Disney fan's impressive outfit is sweeter than a spoonful of sugar.

A Florida college student has gone viral on TikTok for his incredible Disney content, with his most recent video showing off his homemade Mary Poppins outfit impressing even Disney World characters.

Using the nickname @Jeremythetea across his social media platforms, Jeremy posted about how park employees reacted to his take on the iconic Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday look on Sunday.

"It was Dapper Day, which is Disney's unofficial [in-park] holiday where everyone comes to the park dressed to the nines!" Jeremy told Newsweek. "So I ... thought what would make a better dapper outfit than Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday outfit?"

Jeremy's entire ensemble was homemade. "I made it myself white a white dress shirt, a lace camisole, a small fascinator hat, a corset, and lots of ribbon," he said.

Ready to hit the Disney streets in his incredible outfit, he decided to record how his day went.

Throughout the course of the video, Disney characters express amazement at the homemade costume. Tigger, Minnie, Mickey and Daisy all clap and give Jeremy an enthusiastic thumbs-up for his impressive ensemble.

Jeremy also interacted with Merida and Rapunzel on two separate occasions in the park; both times the princesses were just as amazed. The two wave and bow their heads early in the day before shouting their admiration during a mid-day parade.

"Mary Poppins again!" Merida yells from her horse. "Come nanny my brothers, they need it!"

"You have an umbrella now!" Rapunzel cheers from her float. "You look amazing!"

Mary Poppins at Disney TikTok
A Tiktok Disney fan amazed members of the park and fans on the app with his impressive Mary Poppins outfit. LEFT TO RIGHT: OLGA THOMPSON/WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT, @JEREMYTHETEA/TIKTOK

The best reaction of all comes from Mary Poppins herself, who had apparently heard rumors that a young man had dressed like her.

"I heard all about you!" Poppins exclaimed. "Everyone was telling me to keep an eye out. You look splendid!"

She points Jeremy out to Aladdin, who is sharing the parade float with her, and he calls the look, "Practically perfect!"

Poppins even jokes that she needs to grab her own parasol so the two can truly match.

"It was so awesome getting to be so dressed up with everybody in the park, and Mary commenting on it really made my whole day!" Jeremy told Newsweek. "It was such a magical and wholesome moment and it was a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom."

Fans on TikTok could not get enough of the look. The video quickly earned 2.1 million views and over 860,000 likes.

"The fact that you were the talk of the park and Mary heard about you? Love that for you," one person commented. "I loved that they hyped you up in character like, obviously yeah that's their job but they did it exactly as I'd imagine their characters would," another added.


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Jeremy's viral video is the latest in a series he has on his TikTok in which he "Disneybounds" across Disney World.

"Disneybounding is creating an outfit inspired by a Disney character's color scheme or accessories without creating their actual costume," Jeremy told Newsweek. In a separate TikTok, he explained that part of the reason Disney enforces this policy is "to protect character integrity and not confuse other guests."

"I've been Disneybounding since high school because I wanted to start dressing better with dress shirts and bow ties. And I thought it was cool that I could come up with outfits inspired by my favorite characters," Jeremy told Newsweek.

"A lot of things inspire me to Disneybound. From my favorite movies and Disney attractions, I love challenging myself with new cool and creative outfit concepts. And it's a lot of fun!"

In his video about Disneybounding, Jeremy pointed to some of his other DIY outfits, including the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella and Toulouse from The Aristocats.

Jeremy also shared how much his TikTok audience means to him. "I think it's such a wonderful feeling to see that it's impacted so many people!" he said to Newsweek. "I think it's important to have some happy moments to showcase in a time where everything isn't so happy. And I'm glad I've gotten to showcase one of those moments for so many to see!"

Disney World has also been in the news this month after a brave teenager managed to save a toddler drowning in a resort pool. Similarly, Disney Land fans have been eagerly watching the news as the park beings to ramp up for re-opening after closure due to the pandemic.