TikTokers Are Showing Off Their Glow Ups With New Yearbook Photo Trend

It's hard not to look back through old photos and realize how you've grown into yourself and figured out a sense of style that fits you. TikTokers are celebrating the glow up with a new trend in which they post old yearbook photos and then reveal what they look like now.

The TikToks usually open with a familiar backdrop to anyone who's been through school picture day, set to the tune of rapper Iamdoechii's "Yucky Blucky Fruitcake," which features a school bell ringing. "Doechii, why don't you introduce yourself to the class? Okay?" the song begins, as the user shows off the old photo.

As Doechii raps, "Hi my name's Doechii with two i's/I feel anxious when I'm high," the user shows themself now, usually lip-syncing along. Most commonly, TikTokers simply show themselves as awkward high school or middle school students with questionable fashion choices first, only to reveal themselves now as more put-together adults. Some also opt to cut off the song at the line, "I feel anxious."


y’all weren’t ready for this one 😅

♬ original sound - SUDANI.

One user with the handle @soupytime has gained 1.7 million views on her video, which she says shows a four and a half year difference. Another clip from a user with the handle @reggspregg showed a major difference from a relatively average-looking teen to her now embracing a goth fashion sense with piercings, dark makeup and black clothes.


4.5 years later. still anxious.

♬ original sound - SUDANI.

The trend has also captured the attention of some TikTok stars, such as Mattie Westbrouck, who showed a picture of themselves with long hair in an old yearbook photo, only to reveal themselves now with very short hair. Although in the caption Westbrouck wrote, "The Awkward never went away." Singer-songwriter Addison Grace also shared her own take on the trend.


Don’t be fooled, The Awkward never went away 🌹 #fyp #FindYourCore

♬ original sound - SUDANI.

i’m posting too much today sorry lmao #greenscreen

♬ original sound - SUDANI.

A few users also didn't strictly abide by the yearbook rule, simply showing an old picture of themselves to show off how they've grown. Another popular use of the audio was to employ it to show off weight loss and muscle gains, with people using the sound to mark a before and after.


Yes this is actually me 10 years ago haha

♬ original sound - SUDANI.

Vlogger, author and internet personality Hank Green used the audio twice. First, he used it to make a joke about the Ever Given container ship being stuck in the Suez. He showed ship sailing before it "glowed-up" to getting caught in the canal. On another occasion, he used it in the more typical way, only to find that he'd scribbled himself out of his yearbook when he was younger. "I like myself so much now, it's easy to forget that wasn't always the case," he wrote in the caption.


I honestly had no idea that’s what I was going to find. 🥺 I like myself so much now, it’s easy to forget that wasn’t always the case.

♬ original sound - SUDANI.

Newsweek reached out to Iamdoechii's management for comment.

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