Woman Shows Off Tiny 96 Sq Ft Apartment: 'Harry Potter Had More Space'

A woman has given people a tour of her tiny apartment, which only measures 96 square feet, in a video that has gone viral online.

Au pair Shump shared a clip to her TikTok page, @shump_, which she captioned: "Tiny Paris apartment tour."

Her previous videos indicate she's originally from America, but is currently working and living in the French capital.

She starts off by filming the entryway, with the front door behind her, as she says: "So I don't know if anyone cares, but I just cleaned my apartment, and if you guys want to see a tiny apartment, 9 meters square [96 sq ft] apartment, in Paris, I have just the show for you.

"So you walk in, door's here, all of my toiletries, storage is here, sink, like lotions and stuff like that."

She turns left into the main space, saying: "Then you walk in and to your left is my kitchen area, so I have a little stove, a kettle and a fridge, and that's about it. I have dishes stored here and groceries up there."

Her counter-top has everyday items on it, including bread, a chopping board, utensils and cereal along with a tea towel hanging up.

Panning over, she continues: "My closet, which is a mess but it always is. And my bed area, this is my little bed."

She films the artwork above the bed and on the wall, while the footage revealed a radiator against the wall as well.

"This is my little desk area with my cute park view. My chair is a bag hanger because I need it, my little plant.

"Then if you look really closely you can see the Eiffel Tower right there through the trees, you can see it better in the winter," she says zooming in on the famous Parisian landmark.

Next she opens two doors, narrating: "Behind door number one you have my toilet and behind door number two you have shower, which is also suitcase storage."

She sums up the video by saying the apartment is "cute." While she captioned the video, shared at the end of last month: "It's small but I LOVE it."

In the comments she shared more details, explaining: "For everyone asking I don't pay my rent, my host parents pay for it! But I'm assuming €600-700 ($623 -$727) per month."

Since being posted it's amassed more than 1.5 million views, and can be seen here, as people shared their opinions on the compact space.

Tattooerist joked: "Harry Potter had more space under the stairs."

Very well arranged prison cell"

Maren L asked: "They converted a bathroom into a studio apartment?"

Domofwales quipped: "Very well arranged prison cell."

NAIV pointed out: "You don't have to share bathroom, that's a huge win!"

Moretolovski thought: "I mean aesthetically it's significantly nicer than anywhere in NYC would be for that size/rent."

Mioneronnfeldt raved: "The bigger the better isn't always true. Your snuggly apartment proves that. View is amazing!"

Although Alexandra Z commented: "Ppl finding a 9 m2 appart "cute, dreamy, cosy" is a capitalist win and a normal person's nightmare, wake up dudes."

While Kate added: "People will literally live in a shoebox with toilets in their kitchen eating canned beans just to say they live in a cool city."

This chart below, provided by Statista, shows what $1,500 gets you across the country.

Infographic: How Much Living Space Does $1,500/mth Get You in the U.S? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Revealing the average cost of rent in Paris, which is divided into 20 areas called arrondissements, Statista said: "Paris appears to have some of the highest rents in Europe. In recent years, rental prices in Paris have exploded, reaching levels that have never been seen before. All arrondissements seemed to be impacted by this phenomenon.

"In 2021, the average price per square meter to rent an apartment in the French capital reached 29 euros. Paris even became one of the cities worldwide where renting a 2-bedroom apartment costs more than 2,400 US dollars."

Quoting 2021 figures from French site Seloger.com, Statista noted the cheapest rent for an apartment was in the 12th, 19th and 20th arrondissements, at €29 ($30) per sq ft, while the most expensive was in the 1st arrondissement, at €39 ($40) per sq ft.

Newsweek reached out to Shump for comment.

Harry Potter movie poster and an apartment.
Harry Potter movie poster and file photo of an apartment. A woman has given people a tour of her tiny Paris apartment, just 96 square feet. paulprescott72/IMDB / GETTY