Titus O'Neil Makes Memorable Entrance in WWE's 'Greatest Royal Rumble'

The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia had some pretty memorable moments but Titus O'Neil stole the entire show totally by accident.

The former tag team champion made his entrance as the number 39 slot in the 50-man Royal Rumble match when he suddenly stumbled on the mat at the end of the ramp. O'Neil proceeded to trip and slide underneath the ring before crawling out.

No words can do it justice. Watch Titus O'Neil make his memorable entrance in the Greatest Royal Rumble match below.

O'Neil would make it into the ring before being eliminated by the eventual winner, Braun Strowman, minutes later. The commentary team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton couldn't keep their composure after the incident with Cole saying it could be the "greatest moment in Royal Rumble history."

After his fall, many WWE Superstars past and present took to Twitter to voice their support on what is becoming an instant meme.

You can watch the Greatest Royal Rumble event on the WWE Network now. Titus O'Neil's entrance comes on around the 4:27:30 mark.

Interesting enough, this isn't the first time Titus took a spill on WWE television. On the second season of NXT - before it was the show it is today - Titus took part in a keg race where he tripped mere seconds after taking off. O'Neil would get redemption a year later and win the challenge, but during a feud with The New Day his unfortunate fall was brought up again.

While Titus' entrance at the Greatest Royal Rumble is a moment the WWE Superstar would like to do over, many WWE fans will argue it was the highlight of the entire event.

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