Video Shows Two Men Casually Taking Items From California TJ Maxx Store

A video has emerged showing two men brazenly walking out of a TJ Maxx store in California carrying a large number of seemingly stolen goods.

The footage was posted on Instagram last week and has since been viewed more than 10,000 times.

During the clip, one man is seen carrying several pairs of jeans and another man with armfuls of clothes and carrying a large bag. Both men casually walked out of the Granada Hills TJ Maxx store after allegedly shoplifting the items.

The person filming the incident follows the pair outside and records them walking away.

"What's up guys?" the man filming says. "I want to see how far you guys get."

The pair eventually get into a black vehicle and drive away.

"I kept my distance for safety reasons," the person who recorded the video, who did not wish to be named, told KABC. "My focus was to get a license plate number, but then I lost them behind the SUV.

"I had to hold back a bit, just in case they were waiting for me. Unfortunately they were able to get into their vehicle parked at a distance and drive away."

Law enforcement described their shock and the brazen attitude of the thieves.

"They didn't even run out, they walked out," Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz told CBS. "And so, that's sending a message that we, the criminals, are winning."

Sandoz blamed the attitude of the shoplifters on Prop 47 (California Proposition 47), which saw sentences and classification for non-violent crimes such as shoplifting lowered in the state of California.

"If they're caught, they're probably given the equivalent of a traffic ticket," she said. "So it's not taken seriously."

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson confirmed they are aware of the incident and that a report was taken. The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said no arrests have been made.

"Once officers make an arrest or cite someone for a crime, they will present the case to our office," Alex Bastian, special advisor to District Attorney George Gascón, said in a statement. "We make charging decisions accordingly. We do so based on the facts, the totality of the circumstances, and the law."

Criminal defense attorney Alexandra Kazarian told CBS that in cases such as this one, store staff are explicitly told not to intervene for their own safety.

"The employees at TJ Maxx have been told that, in these specific circumstances, it's not worth it for you to go and physically attack or physically stop people that are walking out with this inventory," she said. "These businesses have insurance."

The LAPD have been contacted for an update.

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An image of the sign for a T.J. Maxx store as photographed on March 18, 2020 in Hicksville, New York. Two men were filmed casually walked out of a TJ Maxx in Granada in California with their arms full with alleged stolen items. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images