Today in Tabs: 3-2-1 C O N T E N T

Project Xanadu exists!

Project Xanadu exists! If you know what that is, just go and look at it. Whatever you already think of Xanadu will be amply confirmed. The rest of you: Project Xanadu is a pre-internet hypertext project that was started over 50 years ago, by Ted Nelson, who is one of the most brilliant and self-sabotaging people in the history of computing. Gary Wolf's 1995 Wired Magazine article "The Curse of Xanadu" is the canonical text for nonbelievers. Nelson was not a fan of it, to put it mildly. The Xanadu project suffered from the (independently-named) Xanadu Effect to an enormous degree, and it continues to routinely suck well-meaning people into its grandiose sinkhole of failure to this very day. Project Xanadu is perhaps most useful in the way it continues to provide an object lesson in the primacy of the actually-existing piece of junk over the imaginary crystal of perfection, and also of course for the Silicon Valley Story movie trailer for which (little known fact!) the word "amazeballs" was invented*.

Eat Your Weedies: In the wake of Maureen Dowd's Bad Trip, a nation's stoned media dragged itself slowly off the couch, meandered in the direction of the fridge, briefly forgot what it was doing in the kitchen, grabbed a snack just on general principle, and finally provided some real data about how to get high on pot-infused edibles. Patrick Howell O'Neill brought us "A common-sense guide to eating weed edibles" in The Daily Dot. For those of you who are into, like, math or whatever, Fusion's Ryan Nerz breaks it down by milligrams of THC. I checked Vice and sure enough there's something there about it too which at a quick skim is all "dexycarbolated" this and "real stoners eat THC-infused live snakes" that. You know, the usual. Denver marijuana blog The Cannabist actually interviewed the guy Dowd met, who said Dowd "got the warning... She did what all the reporters did. She listened. She bought some samples — I don't remember what exactly." Neither does she, man. Neither does she. But winning the opining-under-the-influence news cycle for a second straight day is Sarah Jeong, who expanded yesterday's Fried Friedman tweetstorm into a whole Guardian article imagining the drugged columns of Paul Krugman, Gail Collins, Ross Douthat and Malcolm Gladwell. Her Gladwell on ketamine is particularly accurate / unsettling. Krugman was amused. In related news, reports are starting to come in that Sarah Jeong's personal brand is now visible from space. More on that: always.

It's remotely possible, I suppose, that you have not yet found time to read Ta-Nehisi Coates's The Case for Reparations. But you know what? That's ok! Firstly because it will remain a classic and much referenced piece of writing for a very long time, and you'll have ample future opportunities to read it. And secondly, because everything else Ta-Nehisi Coates says is also interesting, and much of it is a lot shorter! Not the Vox interview though, where TNC sits down with Ezra Klein for 12 video segments with a total running time of . They're very interesting though! Try the climate change one. Try any one. If you're pressed for time, Isaac Chotiner has an extremely competent interview with TNC in TNR which should not take more than 5 or 10 minutes to read.

Slender Man is blossoming into a full-on moral panic. Harvard's most recent human-skin bound book might not be a hoax. This jackassery, on the other hand, surely is. So is Morgellon's Disease, but Will Storr's long article about it is an engaging read anyway. What do we fave about when we fave about faves? Ryan Gantz on how to make your Google Docs actionable and mission-engaged in a business-oriented context. The best of the Luigi Death Stare. They finally let a woman review Patricia Lockwood's new book and you'll never guess whether it's as asinine as the dude-reviews we've gotten so far (j/k you totally will guess! And you'll guess right!). Mariachi band senior prank is brilliant. From Businessweek, a great video piece on the extreme wheelchair that's built like a tank. The still-single-afaik Thomas Spladow interviewed Brett O'Connor about PutHTML which you've certainly seen tabbed in here before. @Everyword creator Adam Parrish on words and bots and the end of an

Longread is Long: Elephant hunters in GQ

Disclosure of the Day: Tim Carmody guest-blogging about H & FJ on Kottke

Today's Song: Keyshia Cole Ft. Mila J, K. Michelle, Lil Mo & Da Brat, "Loyal (Remix)"

~C O N T E N T is the answer, it's the reason why everything happens~

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* This is a lie.