Today in Tabs: The Circle of Tabs

Will self-driving cars will end mass car ownership? Stephen Lam/Reuters

Arikia Millikan and her Ladybits collection arguably did more than anyone else to turn Medium from the Thought-Catalog-for-the-Startup-Bro cringepile that it was a year ago into the home of some of the best and most diverse voices of any platisher. So Millikan's barely-restrained kiss-off post announcing Ladybits's departure from Medium, illustrated by a parakeet sprinting from disaster, is not great news for the writing platform. Medium senior editor Evan Hansen posted a response couched as an "Update on Medium's Paid Collection Experiments" without mentioning Millikan or her post, and the whole thing reads exactly like an exchange of passive-aggressive notes between soon-to-be-ex roommates ("It was SO AWESOME living with you even if you never did the dishes!! XOXO"). Perhaps most striking about Hansen's post is the way he casually redefines "business model" as "metric by which we arbitrarily decide how much of Evan Williams's money to give you." James Fallows blogged a little more context on this in The Atlantic.

Everything the sun touches is C O N T E N T

Tab Complete: If you wait patiently, sometimes tabs come full circle. So it was with this Betabeat post from last May by Jessica Roy, about a guy looking for a personal sommelier. Meredith Haggerty actually applied for and obtained that job, and has now written very thoughtfully about what it was like. Thanks to Caroline Moss for guiding us on this path unwinding in the circle, the circle of tabs.

Today in Updates: The Patricia Lockwood Twitter poem "Live Nude Dads" is done, and mainly it proves that no one else is as good at this as Patricia Lockwood. Vox's Timothy B. Lee asserts that self-driving cars will end mass car ownership in what will come to be seen as one of the most hilariously mistaken opinions in the first half of the twentieth century. Meanwhile in The LOL Republic, Ben Walsh says Google's electric driverless cars are terrible because internal combustion engines are inefficient. Okay! Phrosties may be gone but you can still ineptly make your own in a range of disgusting flavors!

The Internet of Good Things: Enough tabs! Read these things, they're good. Gawker's most underutilized resource Nitasha Tiku scored her first NYT byline this weekend writing about how to get more girls into coding. Also in the Times, Will Butler on identifying, and not identifying, as blind, and accidentally peeing on a police station. Writing about Dayton, TN for Oxford American, Rachel Maddux has created the best opening sentence I've read in a very long time. Jack Pendarvis blogged about the language in an old John Wayne movie: "She calls telephones 'city telephone machines for talking,' a screenwriting affectation often parodied on THE SIMPSONS, such as when Cletus (or is it Brandine?) refers to a mirror as a 'reversifying glass.'" Do not miss the video in this Vermont local news report about a cheese truck fire on I-89 [via Jessamyn]. And finally, John Oliver covered net neutrality without making it boring.

The Dystopian Future, in My Present? It's More Likely Than Youn Think! Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde has been arrested in Sweden and will presumably serve an 8 month jail sentence, for egregious linking. CNN's Ivan Watson was detained by Turkish police live on the air. The NSA is collecting faces like some kind of creepy digital Buffalo Bill, and is evidently in a race with Facebook to see who can be the world's most unsettling giant spy organization. Does Google Own Satellites Today? No, but does anyone think it isn't just a matter of time? San Francisco music writer and social media consultant Ryan Chamberlain is being sought by the FBI after a raid on his apartment turned up what The Daily Mail called a "huge stash of ricin" and explosives. He apparently lost his job and "got weird" last year. I guess so.

Today's Game: One Tap Quest, the adventure game you could literally play with your nose.

Today's Hoax: That Chinese passport story is not even vaguely credible.

Today's Song: Drake, "0 to 100"

~It's the Circle of Tabs, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love till we find our place on the path unwinding, In the Circle, the Circle of Tabs~

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