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Today in Things That Haven't Changed Since 2002: Judith Miller is still being treated as an expert on Iraq. Reuters

Remember 2002, when web comments seemed like they had a future? Remember when big news organizations listened politely to the wild-eyed denizens of the internet rant about reader engagement and community-forming and then nodded politely and said they would stick with Quality Journalism thank you and that right now they have to print this important Judith Miller column about the WMDs that literally comprise the surface of the earth across all of Iraq but they'd schedule a follow-up call with you soon? You personally may or may not remember that but trust me when I tell you that it happened. Yesterday The NYT and the Washington Post announced they were taking almost $4 million from the Knight Foundation and launching a two year effort to revamp online news community tools that will be led by Dan Sinker and Knight-Mozilla OpenNews. If you care, DailyDot paid Grendan to write down my bitter opinions on this in great detail, but they probably didn't pay him very much. The executive summary is that the opportunity for news sites to build good communities ended at least eight years ago, but maybe this project will produce some useful tools for other things? Personally I'd like to see $4 million put into saving Firefox but who cares about the literal reason the Mozilla Foundation exists, right? I mean since OpenBadges was such a success, it's hard to care about the fate of one of the world's most visible open source software projects.

You know what hasn't changed since 2002? Judith Miller is still being treated as an expert on Iraq. I mean don't read this but this is yesterday we're talking about, not the Yesterdayth of June, 2003.

side-eyed so hard I was like

Sam Biddle talked to the guy who led Yo's $1.2 million purchase of horrified/fascinated media coverage. Squeeze your eyes tightly shut and keep repeating "there is no bubble there is no bubble." By the way the "zero-character communication app" couldn't even keep your phone numbers private. Sure, it only does one thing, but in its defense, it does that thing sloppily, as though even the app is ashamed of itself.


This hedgehog is named Bruce Quillis

Drake Bennett from Businessweek got a hold of disruption guru Clayton Christensen and offered him some mass-media rope, and it turns out Clay is an expert at marlinspike seamanship who can whip up a noose for himself as quick as anything. In his frothing and monumentally condescending response to Jill Lepore's New Yorker critique of his faddish business theory, C-dogg repeatedly refers to Lepore as "Jill," and weirdly tries to assign Bennett to the role of surrogate-Lepore for argumentation purposes. Spoiler but it's three pages and you really have to get to the last page, because the interview ends:

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I have not personally met C-diggity but I feel pretty comfortable referring to him as "C-man," "Double-C Supreme," and "Ozone" for the purposes of published intellectual debate.

It turns out that when Facebook goes down, the web actually stops existing. New Haruki Murukami book to come with stickers. It worked for Path, right? (lol, no). Also Today in Publishing: being a digital bestseller might be the fastest route to bankruptcy. The New York Review of Books temporarily takes a cue from The New York Review of Bots and profiles Jeff Bezos. Do you think NYRB comes down pro-Bezos or anti-Bezos? I have my guess, but if you read it, let me know!

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If you need to manage C O N T E N T you will need a Content Management System! And if you're Gawker your content management system will need to manage several sites worth of content and also be Responsive to Nick Denton's product-roadmap-of-the-day! In the spirit of community service, and so the rest of us don't have to, Paul Ford logged into Kinja and wrote down what happened. Don't miss the comment thread that follows which is pretty easy to read at the moment, but might become a new vertical under the Jalopnik umbrella tomorrow if Nick feels like it.

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Today's Lana Del Rey: LDR does not want to die lol

Today's Stupid Startup: is not even Yo! It's this one that will sell you $20 in quarters for $26.99.

Today's Toy: Videogrep makes supercuts automatically, like some kind of robot Abe Riesman. For example: GERUND DETERMINER ADJECTIVE NOUN.

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