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Breaking poetry news, and Gawker and Vice duke it out. Jim Ruymen/Reuters

Poetry is having an unusually #relevant moment. After her glowing NYT profile, Patricia Lockwood got the Slatepitch treatment from The New Republic (dressed up as the New Yorker dot com), where Adam Plunkett dismissively calls her poetry "crowd-pleasing" and "worries" that she is too good at social media and isn't "more open to the emotional lives of the men she mocks" as if the men she mocks have emotional lives. It's both terribly written and ill-conceived and the New Yorker should be embarrassed to have blessed it with their monocle. If you're not too worried about the poor poetrix, though, the Times Magazine is doing some sort of twitter poetry thing with Lockwood under the hashtag #NYTPoem, although it seems the real action was in #LiveNudeDads.

Also in poetry news, (and aren't you glad you get all your news from this email? Yeah you know who you are) the passing of former prostitute and poet Maya Angelou has brought tabs both illuminating, like this one on the systematic erasure of Angelou's sex work, and not so illuminating. The New Republic strikes again as Mark Oppenheimer points out that Maya Angelou is not, in fact, a Doctor of anything, proving that you can be correct and still sound like an asshole. The dude is literally still mad that twenty years ago a bus operator referred to himself as "Operator Jones," if that tells you anything about where his inner sense of the importance of hierarchy is at.

Have We Banned White Men Yet? No? Then try The Baffler on Mencius Moldbug and his neoreactionaries. Imagine if the Cato Institute suddenly believed Game of Thrones was both real and also a desirable end-state for society, and you've got the neoreactionary platform. What do PUAHate members really think? The Santa Barbara shooter's views were not extreme or rare, and I really think it's important to understand that. Meanwhile Kate Middleton's brother has a startup printing Instagram pictures on marshmallows. And finally "How to Look Cute and Not Get Raped" was today's most widely misunderstood headline.

Today in Work: After leaving Microsoft less than a year ago, if you can believe it hasn't even been a year yet, Steve Ballmer is back at work, buying the LA Clippers from gross old racist horndog Donald Sterling, who is also now officially mentally incapacitated, allowing his wife Shelley Sterling to sign off alone on the $2 billion sale. So there you go kids: racism doesn't pay. Or something. Dean Baquet is out there smarming his way back into everyone's good graces. "Editors don't have to be tyrannical," he gently explains with a winning smile, "no those holes were already in the wall when I got here, idk." Reached for comment, Jill Abramson said "Argh-ughhh-grrr." In The Baffler, Noah McCormack explains exactly why Zappo's employment-via-social-network plan is so awful. Gawker says Vice is a terrible place to work because they pay writers nothing while executives spend money on drugs for company parties. Vice politely disagrees with these assertions although I did notice there are no salary numbers in its response. But who cares about the squabbling of New York media sweatshops because The Wirecutter is hiring and there is a Kelvin-scale thermometer on the wall at Wirecutter HQ with a sign reading "You must be at least THIS chill to work here."

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