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Jill Lepore took on Clayton Christensen and the ascendent cult of disruption for The New Yorker, pointing out that Christensen's evidence is cherry-picked (and even so doesn't support his theory), that the theory has no predictive power, and that the idea's spread from commodity industries to service industries has been nothing but harmful. Kevin Roose suggests we all stop saying "disruption" right now. Way ahead of you, buddy. Will Oremus ably Slates it up, pointing out that Lepore makes a couple shaky assertions herself, but what's a New Yorker tab without some East Coast Elite fanservice? By far the best response was this tweet from egg:

which prompted widespread scorn and can be regarded as axiomatically constituting proof that Lepore is right.

You're number 1!

New emoji, as we all know, are the most exciting thing that can happen. So it's no surprise that yesterday's announcement of Unicode Version 7, including 250 new emoji, attracted enough interest to flatten Emojipedia. While such long-desired and useful new pictograms as "reversed-hand-with-middle-finger-extended" and "levitating-businessman" will be included, some, such as Atlantic writer and Presidential coffee-shop attaché Robinson Meyer, continue to criticize the standard's lack of diversity, which is partly an implementation issue, but also would it kill anyone to specify "levitating-businessman-of-color?" I don't think so. Finally PJ Vogt at TLDR makes a really good point that "[e]moji's charm is in how broken and inadequate it is." I guess that makes emoji disruptive, eh? PENSIVE FACE CONFOUNDED FACE SMILING CAT FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES AUBERGINE

Ex-Gawker and famously broke literary artist Emily Gould was hilariously profiled in Elle Magazine yesterday. The opening graf is:

Emily Gould has delicate, narrow feet and calves, highlighted today by opaque burgundy cotton knee-highs of a lace floral pattern that reveal pinpricks of tawny skin. The personification of the name Emily, in sock form. On the other end of these elegant flippers, resting on the rug of her Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, apartment, are broad, strong suburban-high-school-swim-team shoulders, covered in her trademark lush poppy tattoos. The overall effect is an intriguing, inviting confluence of forthright confidence and demure femininity.

and while it doesn't really get worse than that, it also doesn't get any better. Reached for comment at press time, literally everyone was averting their eyes and awkwardly pretending they hadn't seen it.

Delta Airlines did a bad sports tweet. It was widely derided. Herrman aggregated the coverage. Now I'm covering his aggregation in tabs. Soon you will read this and tweet about my coverage of his aggregation of the reaction to the bad tweet. Modern life is rubbish.

Today in Doing It: Ira does it. #teens do it. Bears do it. Asymmetric man thongs barely do it or totally do it, depending on what you're into. Chris Cilizza didn't bother to do it. This dad definitely didn't do it. Will George R. R. Martin ever do it? Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't care whether you do it or not. could do it but promise they won't. And this new social network will tell you to do it, but you must not.

News From the Uncanny Valley: What is Next Media Animation News Direct? Also your data is creepy.

Enunciation's G.O.A.T.: Brian Williams cannot lie [via]


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