Toddler Takes Skilled Photos of Father That Are 'Perfect for an Album Cover'

When you think of emerging talented photographers, you wouldn't typically conjure a 2-year-old to mind.

However, a recent TikTok video has shown that one young toddler knows his way around a Polaroid camera after just being given it, and was able to take snaps that many online believe to be album-cover worthy.

In the video, posted to the app by YoungBlackDad, a man can be seen handing his small son a light pink camera.

Text overlaying the video reads: "I decided to gift my son a polaroid camera. He's only 2 and determined to be the greatest photographer of all time."

We then see the little boy taking photographs on a step ladder before shaking a Polaroid picture to develop it.

The text then reads: "Here is how they turned out."

The video, which can be watched here, then cuts to a selection of images taken by the child, the first one being of his father leaning against a white wall, and due to an exposure error his face is supplanted into the glass door next to him—this looks undeniably cool!

He also took some portrait, which are entirely in focus, as well as another with his father's face again double-exposed onto the white wall above.

Another snap, perhaps showing the camera operator's age, is off his dad's sock-covered feet on the beige carpet.

YoungBlackDad captioned the post, writing: "Please don't let this flop @polaroid #myson #ClearGenius #XfinityFanthem #babypicturechallenge #fy #foryoupage #fypage."

The adorable video, which was shared on July 23, has since been viewed a whopping 697,700 times and surpassed a whopping 179,400 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts at the toddler's photography ability, and collaboration with his father.

One TikTok user, Alan, wrote: "This is actually my favorite, the first one is perfect for an album cover keep up the good work as always."

Another person, Jana, joked: "The pictures look like you got kidnapped."

Brock added: "I don't know how the first one happened but [flame emoji] [flame emoji] [flame emoji]."

Hey, It's Esther! typed: "Okay but all of these are so good I will be booking him in the future."

Becky commented: "Bestie I'm bouta hire ur toddler to do a photoshoot for me cuz he really ate that."

Javan Hall gushed: "Bro they all look like album covers," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

Hummingbirdsflutter stated: "He understood the assignment! And he gave an A+++ work! Keep up this craft!"

Newsweek have contacted YoungBlackDad for comment.

A child operating a camera
A stock image of a small child operating a camera. On TikTok a little boy has shown he is adept at taking images of his father. Getty Images