Tom Hanks Gifts White House Press Corps New Espresso Machine: 'Keep Up the Good Fight'

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks does not want to spend time with Trump. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks is making sure the White House press corps is well caffeinated for those long media briefings with Sean Spicer.

The Sully star gave a new espresso machine worth over $2,000 to the White House's news correspondents, which arrived Thursday.

The gift came accompanied with a note from noted Democrat Hanks, encouraging the press corps to "keep up the good fight for truth, justice and the American way. Especially for the truth part."

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps and Karen Travers tweeted:

The White House press corps is grateful for the new espresso machine from @tomhanks

— Jordyn Phelps (@JordynPhelps) March 2, 2017

Thanks @tomhanks-very kind of you to send a new espresso machine to the White House press corps. We appreciated the other ones-nice upgrade!

— Karen Travers (@karentravers) March 2, 2017

White House correspondents from a variety of publications have often held U.S. President Donald Trump and his press secretary, Spicer, to task over different issues arising since Trump took office in January—including the administration's inflated figures for the number of people that attended his inauguration.

This is the third time Hanks has gifted an espresso machine to the White House press corps. He first bought one for reporters in 2004 and upgraded it in 2010.