Topless Woman Rides Lost Dolphin Trying to Return to Sea

A topless woman has been filmed riding a lost dolphin that was trying to return to sea in the Netherlands.

The dolphin became stranded in the shallows of a beach in the coastal town of Zandvoort, to the west of Amsterdam, RTL News reported.

Beachgoers had been trying to help the troubled animal, however one woman attempted to ride it instead.

Footage posted to Twitter shows the dolphin attempting to swim back out to the open sea. However, the woman can then be seen taking hold of it. She then proceeds to swing her leg around it, attempting to ride it like a horse. Bystanders begin cheering and clapping.

The dolphin nudges the woman off, but she once again attempts to climb onto its back.

Two men then approach, appearing to gesture at the woman to leave the dolphin alone.

"Act normal," someone can be heard saying in Dutch. Beachgoers then appear to approach the dolphin in attempts to get it back out to sea.

Since the footage was taken, the woman has reported herself to the police, RTL News said. The police have opened an investigation and said they will contact the woman about what happened.

A marine mammal rescue organization, SOS Dolfijn, told RTL News that the fact the dolphin was in this area was "very disturbing."

"These are toothed whales and they do not belong in the North Sea. They are deep-sea animals," Annemarie van den Berg of SOS Dolfijn told RTL News. "If they end up in the North Sea, they get into trouble. These animals do not survive well in these types of waters. They look for food at a depth of two to three kilometres."

It's not uncommon for marine wildlife to become stranded, but the cause largely remains a mystery to scientists. Some smaller dolphins may become stranded because they have ventured into shallow waters after being hunted by predators. Some marine mammals get lost after becoming disorientated or confused. More often than not, stranded animals are sick or injured, and die.

It isn't clear what became of the dolphin, however van den Berg told RTL News that rescue teams will always aim to prevent them from washing ashore.

"If that happens, they are doomed. Our goal is to have the animals turn around so that they swim out of the North Sea on their own," van den Berg told RTL.

It is not the first time such an incident has occurred. In April, beachogers in Texas were observed trying to ride and swim with a stranded dolphin instead of calling rescue teams to help the animal.

Riding dolphins can be extremely dangerous for them and people. Dolphins can become aggressive when threatened, and are capable of ramming humans with their heads, which can cause severe injuries.

A file photo of a dolphin. A woman tried to ride one that had become stranded in the shallows. Andrea Izzotti/Getty