Why Tory Lanez Was Arrested Amid Megan Thee Stallion Case

Tory Lanez was handcuffed and taken into custody during a court appearance on Tuesday, after allegedly violating the terms of a pre-trial protective order.

The Canadian rapper, real name Daystar Peterson, appeared at the hearing in Los Angeles as part of his felony assault case, amid allegations he shot Megan Thee Stallion in her feet back in 2020.

He has pleaded not guilty.

Per Rolling Stone, Judge David Herriford raised Lanez's bail from $250,000 to $350,000.

He found that the star, 29, had violated court orders that forbade him from harassing or contacting Megan Thee Stallion (real name Megan Pete) or discussing discovery from the case with outside parties, following the appearance of several tweets last month.

During the hearing, Lanez's lawyer, Shawn Holley, argued that her client did not provide any discovery in the case to YouTube personality DJ Akademiks, who tweeted on February 23: "Tory Lanez DNA was not found on the weapon in the Meg Thee Stallion case."

"What he said is incorrect," Holley said in court Tuesday, in reference to the tweet that has since been deleted.

"What [DJ Akademiks] said is that the DNA was not found on the weapon. And in fact, the swab of the gun indicates 'inconclusive,' that there were four contributors."

In another tweet, DJ Akademiks had stated: "I saw this doc myself.. it literally says it was inconclusive in finding Tory DNA on the gun or magazine."

Drawing attention to the tweet, Holley argued it was also incorrect, as "the swab of the magazine indicates Mr. Peterson was excluded."

"If he had seen this document, he presumably would have got it right," she said, dismissing the tweets as "chatter" in "a medium that is almost inherently unreliable."

According to the publication, Lanez spent approximately five hours in custody before being released on bond. Rolling Stone quoted Lanez as saying he felt "amazing" before driving off from the courthouse in his Lamborghini.

Despite these assertions, Lanez had shared follow-up posts at the time, including one that read: "Ak is telling no lies."

Referring to Lanez's comments, Judge Herriford said: "The court cannot conclude the defendant distributed anything, however it does appear that he violated the order that prohibits him from making any statements regarding discovery."

Holley in turn argued that Megan has also discussed the high profile case with her large social media following, with some of her comments proving "damaging" to Lanez.

However, Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta countered that Lanez's apparent endorsement of DJ Akademiks tweets about DNA on the gun in question was "his way of getting ahead and manipulating the narrative."

Ta added that Megan has "been getting death threats" and has been "harassed constantly" as a result of Lanez's "course of conduct."

Following the hearing, Holley stated that prosecutors had requested that Lanez's bail be revoked entirely or raised to $5 million. "We are pleased that the court rejected those outrageous requests," Holley told People.

In October 2020, Lanez was charged with "one felony count each of assault with a semi-automatic firearm—personal use of a firearm—and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle," per the district attorney.

He pleaded not guilty in November 2020.

"The defendant also faces a gun allegation and that he personally inflicted great bodily injury," the statement continues. "On July 12, the defendant and the 24-year-old victim got into an argument while riding in an SUV in the Hollywood Hills. The victim exited the vehicle and Peterson is accused of shooting several times at her feet and wounding her."

Lanez is facing a maximum of 22 years and eight months behind bars for the charges.

The next court hearing is scheduled to take place in September.

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion
Tory Lanez (L) was handcuffed and taken into custody following a hearing at a Los Angeles courthouse on Tuesday, when he was found to have violated a pre-trial protective order. The rapper had pleaded not guilty to shooting Megan Thee Stallion (R) in her feet back in July 2020. Leon Bennett/Getty Images;/Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy