Tourist Attacked By 12 Foot Crocodile After Posing With It For A Selfie

A tourist in Phillippines was savaged by a 12-foot crocodile after as he posed with it to snap some selfies. Nehemias Chipada, 68, climbed in a pool with the reptile at a theme park in the Philippines to take pictures, believing it to be a life-like model.

Chipada, from the Misamis Oriental province, was visiting the Amaya View amusement park in Cagayan de Oro City with his family to celebrate his birthday on November 10, when the attack took place.

As Chipada stood holding his phone in his right hand, the crocodile lunged at him grabbing his dangling left arm and dragging him into the water in front of his terrified family, Yahoo News reported.

Fortunately, Chipada was able to break free of the animal and escape with his limbs intact, reportedly taking with him one of the crocodile's teeth. According to his daughter, Chipada is recovering from the attack in Northern Mindanao Medical Center and had received surgery on his left arm.

Chipada and his family members were posing and taking pictures with concrete replicas of animals in Amaya View's fenced-off Noah's Ark exhibition. The 68-year-old believed that the crocodile was another of the replicas and stood next to it, giving it a tap on the head moments before the savage attack, Philippine News Agency reported.

On Tuesday, Chipada's family said that they would no longer be pressing charges against the management of the resort after the two parties reached an agreement.

Amaya View management said it has agreed to provide financial assistance to help pay for the medical expenses of Chipada.

In a statement, they wrote: "Our company nurse responded immediately; she administered first-aid as he was rushed to the nearest hospital. He is currently at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center where he had his operation, and is now recovering in a suite room."

Park management added it remains committed to settling all of Chipada's medical bills until he is fully recuperated.

Amaya View officials also said that this was the first such incident that had occurred in the adventure park since it began operations in 2017. Its general manager, Peter Guibone, said that such incidents were not expected by the park as the crocodile's pit was fenced and has warning signs of wild animals inside the facility.

There are three crocodiles in the Noah Ark enclosure, kept apart from the exhibit's other creatures like snakes, birds, tigers, peacocks, alpacas, and various farm animals.

The statement from the adventure park, a mountain resort that overlooks the urban district of Cagayan de Oro City, continued: "As a family-oriented resort, Amaya View takes the responsibility of ensuring our guests' safety with paramount importance and we will continue to be dedicated to our vision and mission of providing safe, fun, and educational attractions and adventures for everyone."

philippines crocodile
A stock image of a Philippines crocodile. A tourist at a theme park in the Philippines was savaged by a 12 foot crocodile after climbing into a pool with the reptile to take pictures with it. Tom Meaker/GETTY