'Toxic': Internet Slams Mom Raging at Daughter Over Her OnlyFans Account

A mother from Singapore freaked out when she found out that her daughter has been making money through an OnlyFans account, sparking a debate over women's bodies and their right to do what they want.

The 25-year-old daughter explained in a Reddit post, shared on Wednesday, that when her 30-year-old brother snitched on her, their mom got furious and started sending angry messages to her. These included passages from the Bible and the start of an exorcism ritual.

In the post, which has so far reached almost 19,000 upvotes and about 1200 comments, the young woman, who goes by the username liwenex, explained that her family has always been abusive to her, and her brother hit her a few years back but the local police dismissed it as a family matter.

She also said that while she has a degree, a house and a job, her brother has never worked and lives off their mother's unlimited credit cards, but he's still the family's favorite because of his gender.

According to Famemass statistics from 2021, over 170 million people use OnlyFans and 500,000 new users join OnlyFans every day.

There are more than 1.2 million content creators on OnlyFans. The record for the most money made in a single day on the social media platform is held by Bella Thorne, who made over $1,000,0000 in 24 hours.

The members of the r/insaneparents subreddit, where the post was shared, were very quick to point out the hypocrisy of the extra-religious mother.

One user, Greedy_Atmosphere_30, commented: "So of course you are bad for having OF but he can browse for fap material and everything is ok?" And Heretoupvote_ answered: "Double standards. If there's demand, there will be supply." And piefanart added: "Ah yes, but it's okay for him to be looking at porn, especially porn of his sister..... /s"

One user, Any_Comfortable6482, tried to justify the brother saying that he did that because he cares about her. "Bro. [It's] his sister. He cares about her. You guys just want one more fap. Of course you [aren't] going to agree. This is like your mother doing porn. Everyone loves it but her son." And Copacetic_ answered: "Yeah it's his sister, he and his mother and father should remove all agency she has over her own body because 'they care'!"

Other people found it strange and creepy that her brother knew about her nudes on the platform. Graham_Stoner commented: "Whoa, your brother is fucking weird. Why's he looking at your OnlyFans?!" DevilishMagpie said: "It's very concerning that your brother was looking at your of in the first place."

Realterin said: "I wonder how did op's brother found out that op has onlyfans account". And Piefanart answered: "not to mention that op mentions it's a paid account, but the brother sent screenshots of her content to their mom... so op's brother paid to see the account as well". While NOTDA1 joked: "Porno plot: she refused to comply with his demands and brother snitched".

Other users shared their own experiences with strict parents. Macncheezeits wrote: "My parents did this when they found out i had premartial sex. told everyone i was a prostitute. getting them outta ur life is the best idea possible lol." And Knockers_who_knock answered saying: "Big difference between premarital sex and selling nudes online to strangers lol".

Mother-daughter argument
A mother doing a DIY-exorcism via text on her daughter after finding out about her OnlyFans account sparked a debate about women's rights over their bodies. A stock image shows a mother and daughter arguing. Getty Images