Man Who Escaped From Traffickers Kidnapped When He Asked for Help: 'Definition of Evil'

Two people have been arrested in Texas after being accused of kidnapping a man who had been human trafficked across international borders after he asked them for help.

On Friday, the Rosenberg Police Department released a statement confirming that they had arrested Amy Regalado and Ricado Mejia, both of Falfurrias, Texas, in relation to the alleged crime and had subsequently charged the pair with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Regalado and Mejia have been accused by the authorities of kidnapping and attempting to sell a 21-year-old man from Honduras who they came into contact with after he crossed into the U.S. after being sold between a group of smugglers in Central America.

The department said that once in the U.S., the man was transported between stash houses before he was "dumped in an uninhabited area in South Texas," causing him to walk for several days before making contact with anyone.

After wandering around South Texas, the 21-year-old managed to approach a random person at a gas station to ask for help, but the individual called members of their family who were also smugglers.

The family members then picked the victim up and began negotiating a price with his relatives to release him in the Houston area.

The man's aunt met up with the smugglers to attempt to negotiate with them, but after she was unable to agree on a price for his return, the smugglers allegedly drove off with her nephew and hit her with their car.

After the aunt gave the Rosenberg Police Department details for the smugglers' vehicle, the authorities sent out a regional notification asking for assistance to detain them.

Deputies with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office quickly spotted the vehicle and brought Regalado and Mejia to the Rosenberg station, where they were arrested and charged in relation to the alleged crime.

Rosenberg Police Assistant Chief Nethery praised local officers for apprehending the two suspects, but condemned Regalado and Mejia for their alleged actions.

"Local law enforcement agencies did an outstanding job putting a stop to a criminal episode that spanned international borders," Nethery said. "It is shameful in this day and age, in a country that leads the free world, to have people bought and sold like animals.

"The most significant aspect of this tragedy is that this young man escaped, reached out for help, and was returned to captivity. This is the definition of evil."

Regalado and Mejia have been transported to Fort Bend County Jail to await trial on the charges.

Newsweek has contacted the Rosenberg Police Department for comment.

Smugglers kidnapped trafficked man
Amy Regalado and Ricado Mejia in police custody in a photo provided by the Rosenberg Police Department. They have been charged with Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault. Rosenberg Police Department