Trooper Gets Creative With Measuring Tape Rescuing Loose Pig on Highway

A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper resorted to some quick thinking when faced with a loose pig on an interstate.

According to a tweet issued by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Trooper Chris Coker did not have a lasso in his car, but he was able to get crafty and used measuring tape.

"No lasso no problem he Hog Tied it with his tape measure," the tweet stated.

According to the American Mini Pig Association, successfully trapping a loose pig may require some planning.

"As prey animals, pigs will flee if they feel threatened," the piece published by the organization stated. "Once the pig feels threatened, he will be on high alert and it will be far more difficult to catch him."

The agency reported that pigs respond well to a calm response, and those looking to capture a loose pig are encouraged to have food and something to contain the pig in.

A highway trooper managed to rescue a pig using the tape measure he had in his car. ChrisB/iStock

"The more food you have, the less stress there will be for the pig," the piece stated.

Food may be used to coax the pig into a pen, though the person capturing the pig should keep their distance to make the pig feel more comfortable.

A large dog crate can also be used as a way to contain a pig, though someone should be nearby to close the door.

Trooper Clint McKissack told Newsweek in an email the pig had gotten out of the vehicle it was traveling in, but its owners were two counties away before they realized it was missing.

"[Tennessee Highway Patrol] Dispatch received calls from motorists reporting the pig on the interstate," he said. "Trooper Coker responded from the Knoxville Scale Complex and was able to gain control of the pig by using his tape measure as a leash."

When they aren't being used to capture pigs, tape measures are typically used to measure and document crash scenes, McKissack explained.

He said these measurements help investigators testify about the location of evidence and they allow for accident reconstruction.

"All that being said, [a] tape measure can also make a great lasso in the hands of the right Tennessee State Trooper," McKissack said.

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