Donald Trump Falsely Claims Democrats See MS-13 as 'Potential Voters' and Want Them to 'Infest Our Country'

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday morning to again blame Democrats for policies surrounding illegal immigration, falsely accusing the party of wanting members of the violent street gang MS-13 to "infest our country" because it views them as "potential voters."

"Democrats are the problem. They don't care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13," Trump tweeted. "They can't win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!"

MS-13 is a transnational gang of about 30,000 members, most of them in Central America, with about 6,000 in the United States.

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On Saturday, during his weekly address, Trump said Democrats in Congress refuse to close immigration loopholes that allow gangs like MS-13 to come into the country illegally. He accused House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of trying to "protect" MS-13 members, who Trump called "animals."

"MS-13 gang members are truly, and you've heard me say it, animals—and yet Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats continue to protect them and to push for open borders," Trump said.

In May, Trump called Pelosi an "MS-13 lover" at a campaign rally in Tennessee.

There is no evidence to support Trump's claim. The president appeared to be responding to Pelosi's comment that "calling people animals is not a good thing," after Trump first described MS-13 as animals in a quote that was initially misinterpreted by many as referring to all undocumented immigrants.

Past White House statements have described MS-13, the gang Trump now says Democrats want as "potential voters," as a group that commits "shocking acts of violence to instill fear, including machete attacks, executions, gang rape, human trafficking, and more."

The Associated Press reported in April that MS-13-related apprehensions by border patrol have risen after years of decline. At the Rio Grande Valley, there was a nearly 300 percent increase in apprehensions of those suspected of MS-13 affiliations. But of those apprehended, only 123 of the more than 66,000 total detained in that area were actual MS-13 gang members.