Trump Fights for Last Votes as Speculation Grows About Trump Jr. 2024 Bid

President Donald Trump continues to campaign for votes with just two days until the presidential election on November 3 and more than 91 million votes already cast this year.

Former Vice President Joe Biden enjoys a lead of 8.5 percent, according to poll tracker FiveThirtyEight's average. As they point out, Trump can still win but it would mean the polls would have to be off by more than they were in 2016.

With Trump having just a 10 percent chance at winning a second term, there is already speculation about who the Republican candidate might be in 2024. One name keeps coming up is Donald Trump Jr.

The president's eldest son is 42-years-old and has become a fixture of his father's campaigns and is broadly popular among Trump voters.

Trump Jr. caused a stir on October 24 when he shared a photo of himself on Instagram next to a "Don Jr. 2024" banner.

"Hahahahaha. Oh boy," Trump Jr. wrote. "This was a sign I saw up at the Fallon Nevada Livestock Auction. This will make the liberal heads explode. To whomever made that thanks for the compliment... but let's get through 2020 with a big win first!"

The post has received almost 300,000 likes to date and fans quickly endorsed the idea of a Trump Jr. presidential bid. In a later appearance on Fox News, he said the idea was flattering but he was concentrating on re-electing his father.

"It's obviously a compliment when someone makes a 40-foot sign," Trump Jr. said. "That was like a vinyl sign, they went out of their way and really printed up a real sign. This wasn't a crayon deal, so it was a great compliment.

"But my only focus is really, you know, this next week, getting another four more years for my father, the policies that he's initiated."

Despite Trump Jr. demurring on any future bid for office, he has been considered a potential "heir apparent" in parts of the Republican Party for some time, as Fox News reported on July 3.

If the president loses, he will be eligible to run again in 2024. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has said he will do so, but Trump will be 78-years old. Biden is 77-years-old. Though there are other obvious potential candidates, like Vice President Mike Pence, Trump Jr. seems to be gaining more traction.

"The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades," former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in September. Since then, and in the face of polling showing Biden ahead, speculation about a Trump candidacy in 2024 has ramped up.

Lloyd Green, opposition research counsel to George H.W Bush's 1988 campaign and a former Department of Justice official, linked Trump Jr.'s latest book Liberal Privilege to a possible run in 2024 in an op-ed for The Guardian.

"Shamelessly attacking Joe Biden, feeding red meat to the base, the president's son shows again he is one to watch for 2024," the article notes.

"Although Democrats and liberals may recoil, and Mike Pence must look over his shoulder, Don Jr has done himself a favor," Green writes. "Ivanka holds Donald Trump's heart and gaze, but it is her brother who has captured the imagination of the faithful. He is the actual Republican. Their grievances are his armor."

The president continued to appeal for votes on Sunday, tweeting: "Joe Biden called Black Youth SUPER PREDATORS. They will NEVER like him, or vote for him. They are voting for 'TRUMP.'"

Trump's claim is false. Biden did not call Black youth super predators, according to fact-checking site Snopes. Both Biden and Trump will go on making their case to voters heading into Tuesday. The results on November 3 will be the key factor in determining the Trumps' political future.

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr.
Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. visit The Smithville Inn for a GOP fund raiser on September 22, in Smithville, Galloway Township, New Jersey. Trump Jr. is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2024. Donald Kravitz/WireImage/Getty Images