Trump Is Mueller's 'Last Witness' for Russia Probe, Giuliani Says

The special counsel's investigation of Russia's election interference is "pretty much finished," and President Donald Trump should be Robert Muller's last witness for the probe, according to Rudy Giuliani, one of the president's personal attorneys.

Giuliani, in the latest of his many media interviews since being recruited to the president's legal team, was discussing when or if Trump would meet with the special counsel's team for an interview, according to the Associated Press on Friday.

"As far as we know, we're basically the last witness," Giuliani said regarding a possible Trump-Mueller showdown.

The former New York City mayor was specifically questioned about whether Mueller asking to speak with any of Trump's children would be a "red line" that the president would consider a step too far.

"Our understanding is that he's pretty much finished," Giuliani said. "Doing more interviews would be inconsistent with what he's indicated would be the time frame of the investigation."

None of the president's children, including senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump, who worked on the campaign extensively, have been interviewed or even asked for an interview, according to several media reports. But legal experts said Mueller could be biding his time to call a witness as close to Trump as his daughter Ivanka so as not to further agitate a president who's called the probe a "witch hunt."

Previously, Giuliani had stated that Trump's attorneys would decide by May 17 whether the president would or would not meet with Mueller. But Trump's plans to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 nixed the chance of a decision.

"Several things delayed us, with the primary one being the whole situation with North Korea," Giuliani said. "The president has been very busy. It really would be pretty close to impossible to spend the amount of time on it we would need."

President Donald J. Trump during a meeting with automotive industries executives in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on May 11. Getty Images/Alex Edelman

He added: "I wouldn't want to take his concentration off something far, far more important." He also stressed that Trump was "focused on North Korea."

Trump hired Giuliani several weeks ago, but his time on the case was not expected to be long. Also a former federal prosecutor, Giuliani opted to resign from his post at global legal firm Greenberg Traurig on Thursday so he could focus on representing Trump.

Current and former members of Trump's personal legal team reportedly struggled with the idea of the president agreeing to an interview that supporters of the president have suggested would be a "perjury trap."

Trump himself stated publicly that he was open to speaking to Mueller's team under oath, but that he was also listening to his lawyers. John Dowd, who previously served on the team, was reportedly against Mueller's investigators interviewing Trump one-on-one. Dowd resigned earlier this year, reportedly believing Trump was no longer taking his advice.