'Liberal Paper Straws Don't Work': Trump 2020 Campaign Selling Branded Straws for $15 a Pack

President Donald Trump's campaign has come up with a new way to raise funds for the 2020 election: selling straws with his name on them.

It is unknown if the campaign is going against the initiative embraced by bars, restaurants and even entire communities to get rid of single-use plastic straws in an effort to reduce waste and protect the environment, as the material they're made from isn't listed.

The official 2020 Trump/Pence campaign website is selling a 10 pack of straws for $15 as "liberal paper straws don't work."

As reported by Business Insider, it appears the Trump family have held "liberal" straws in disregard for some time, with the president's eldest son Donald Trump Jr simply tweeting: "Paper Straws Suck #Trump2020" back in June.

In response, Greenpeace Oceans Campaign Director John Hocevar told Newsweek: "Donald Trump has based his entire presidency on lies and divisiveness, so it is no surprise that he is selling plastic straws because his presidency is a cheap throwaway with disastrous long term consequences.

"As usual, Trump has either missed the point or is outwardly lying to his base.

"The vast majority of plastic straws are not recycled in the U.S., which means they end up incinerated, piling up in landfills, or polluting our oceans.

"As communities across the country rally around various plastic bans, understanding that only 9 percent of all plastic has actually been recycled, Donald Trump is doubling down on preserving a lifeline for his friends in the chemical and fossil fuel industries. Shocking."

It should be noted that the laser-engraved straws, which are made in the U.S., are BPA-free, reusable and recyclable.

Liberal paper straws don’t work.

STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today!https://t.co/nanyEFK938

— Team Trump (@TeamTrump) July 18, 2019

Earlier this month, San Francisco introduced a law banning the distribution of single-use plastic straws in food and beverage vendors, except when one is requested for people with disabilities or medical needs.

The law, which was brought in on July 1, also bans restaurants, bars and food vendors from providing plastic cocktail sticks, stirrers or toothpicks, with other acceptable single-use accessories such as lids, chopsticks, and coffee cup sleeves only handed out on request of the customer.

Santa Barbara, another Californian city, also introduced a law on July 1 banning businesses from handing out using single-use plastic straws, after voting to adopt an ordinance last October.

Several businesses had already moved over to biodegradable straws long before the legislation was introduced.

"We haven't had plastic anything for about a year now," Cameron Pyles, general manager of the Shoreline Café, told KCOY. "I think people are more aware of what we're trying to do or what everyone's trying to do with being more environmentally conscious."

Global companies are introducing steps to remove single-use plastics, with Starbucks hoping to completely eradicate plastic straws from its 28,000 stores worldwide by 2020.

Earlier this year, McDonald's was met with backlash after they announced they would be switching from plastic to paper straws in the U.K. and Ireland.

The move prompted more than 50,000 people to sign an online petition urging the fast-food chain to bring back plastic straws so they could "drink my milkshake proper."

Due to the popularity of the petition, the 38 Degrees site issued a note that directed people to a separate petition urging plastic straws be banned in U.K. cinemas.

"This petition has been started by a member of the public and not 38 Degrees," the note read. "Single-use 'throw away' plastic items like straws, cups and bottles have a huge impact on our environment, they clog up our oceans and [are] polluting our countryside. If you disagree with this petition and you'd like to sign the petition calling for an end to plastic straws you can do so here."

The "make plastic drink straws obsolete in cinemas" petition has since gone on to attract more than 217,000 signatures.

trump straws
Donald Trump addresses the Values Voter Summit at the Omni Shoreham September 9, 2016 in Washington, DC. Trump's 2020 re-election campaign website has selling 10 plastic straws for $15 as “liberal paper straws don’t work.” Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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