What Is Trump's Problem? Why the White House Keeps Losing Staff After Anthony Scaramucci Is Booted

Could it be his public scathing of underlings? His undermining his staff with tweets nearly every week? Or how about just plain old halitosis?

No matter the reason, President Donald Trump's White House is not only leaking information, it's leaking staff members. The latest example? It only took 10 days, but Anthony Scaramucci was reportedly out as White House communications director on Monday, according to The New York Times. The decision was made at the behest of newly inserted Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose first day on the job was Monday, after switching over from the Department of Homeland Security to take over for Reince Priebus.

The move comes after Trump defiantly stated in a Monday-morning tweet that there was no "chaos" in the White House, and boasting about the state of the U.S. stock market.

Highest Stock Market EVER, best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, S.C.: No WH chaos!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 31, 2017

The reasons behind Scaramucci's abrupt ouster were not immediately clear, but he certainly gave Trump or Kelly lots of cause to so quickly terminate him. For one, Scaramucci unleashed a vicious and expletive-laden tirade against Priebus and White House chief political strategist Steve Bannon to The New Yorker last week.

Scaramucci also might have taken some of the shine from the star power the president has craved for decades. He was all over cable television since being named to the post, professing love for the president while going back and forth on issues like whether Trump would sign a sanctions bill that punished Russia for meddling in last year's election during a bizarre interview with CNN's Jake Tapper.

Scaramucci also tried to paint the president as a regular American, stating that because Trump eats cheeseburgers and pizza, there's no way he is part of the elitist group that his voters despise.

ABC News reported that the former hedge fund manager had resigned. "Anthony Scaramucci will be leaving his role as White House Communications Director. Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. We wish him all the best," the White House Press Office said in a statement.

Reports have highlighted a White House staff struggling to not only keep the president's message and agenda afloat, but even going at all. The resignations of Priebus and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, coming one week apart, can each be attributed to Scaramucci's hiring. The men reportedly advised Trump not to hire Scaramucci. Spicer evidently did not want to work under Scaramucci. Priebus, whose departure marked the shortest tenure for any White House Chief of Staff in history, also told Trump he did not like Scaramucci's ties to China after he sold his Sky Bridge hedge fund in January.

Earlier this month, Walter Schaub, head of the Office of Government Ethics, stepped down six months ahead of schedule because of his criticism of a senior Trump adviser for apparent ethics violations, and because Trump did not heed his advice and fully flesh out his vast business dealings, according to The Washington Post.

Then there's Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has said the president's criticisms of him have been hurtful. He said he plans to remain in the job as long as it's "appropriate" for him to do so.