Trump 'Is the Republican Party,' Pollster Says as President Hoards Campaign Donations

Republican pollster John McLaughlin said President Donald Trump is now effectively the Republican Party as the president continues to bring in campaign donations ahead of the Georgia Senate runoffs on January 5.

His comments come as Trump's new leadership PAC, Save America, is making fundraising appeals and calling on the president's supporters to help Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win reelection.

But Save America does not appear to be spending on the Georgia Senate elections, according to ABC News, citing ad placement data and campaign disclosures.

"Right now, he is the Republican Party," McLaughlin told The New York Times on Friday. "The party knows that virtually every dollar they've raised in the last four years, it's because of Donald Trump."

The Trump campaign and the Republican Party have raised around $200 million since election day and a large proportion of that has gone to Save America.

The president's most recent fundraising emails show that 25 percent of donations go to the Republican National Committee and 75 percent go to Save America, up to the first $5,000, according to Politico.

"The Georgia Runoff Election is right around the corner and the fate of the Nation hangs in the balance," one recent Trump fundraising email read. "So much is at stake and I need to know that you are on our team and ready to FIGHT for America."

It's not clear how much money Save America has raised or spent thus far. However, campaign finance specialist Brian Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center told The Guardian on Saturday that the figure could be significantly high.

"We'd expect that there's well over $100m in the leadership PAC account by this point," Fischer said. "That is exceptional. That is a lot of money, far more than any other leadership PAC that I can think of has raised."

Despite these estimates, detailed information on Save America's finances is not yet available. A HuffPost analysis of "independent expenditures" in the Georgia runoffs published on December 17 found no evidence that Save America had spent money on the two races that will be crucial in deciding control of the Senate.

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office
President Donald Trump speaks during a ceremony presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to wrestler Dan Gable in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., on December 7. Trump's leadership PAC is raising funds off the Georgia runoff elections. SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images