Trump Tells Supporters Democrats Have Gone 'Loco' And Will Do Anything For Power

President Donald Trump told his supporters that the Democrats have "gone loco" since their election defeat in 2016, warning that they will do anything to seize power.

Speaking at a rally in Tennessee on Monday night, the president told the crowd that the Democratic Party had been "completely taken over by the so-called resistance," saying they were only good at sticking together, slamming their policies and politicians.

"We have to be very careful. They'll take everything, including your Second Amendment… They'll take everything away," he said as the crowd booed.

"Democrats believe they're entitled to power and they have been in a blind rage ever since they lost the 2016. They have gone loco, they have gone loco. They have gone crazy. This election is a choice between a Republican Party that is building our future and a Democrat Party that is trying to burn our future down," Trump told the crowd.

The president had earlier in the day used the word "loco" to refer to the press, in what was dismissed as being culturally inappropriate.

"They're loco," Trump said. "I use that word because of that fact that we made a trade deal with Mexico."

For the second time in recent days, Trump also used a rally to address accusations of sexual misconduct made against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"As we've seen in recent weeks, Democrats are willing to do anything and hurt anyone to get their way, like they are doing with Judge Kavanaugh. They've been trying to destroy him since the very first second he was announced, because they know that Judge Kavanaugh will follow the Constitution as written," he said.

"And he's a good man. Great student, great intellect, never had a problem. All of a sudden, oh, let's go back to high school. Maybe they should go before high school," he added.

At a previous rally in West Virginia, the president sent the same message, telling the crowd that Democrats "Are determined to take back power by any means necessary. You see the meanness, the nastiness, they don't care who they hurt, who they have to run over to get power and control," Mediaite reported.