Trump's Addiction To Fox News Is Causing 'Impulsive Actions' Says CNN Host

President Donald Trump's "addiction to Fox News" has been slammed by a CNN host, who suggested POTUS' love of the channel is prompting him to take "impulsive actions."

Brian Stelter referenced Fox News' coverage of immigration; in particular the news that a caravan of immigrants was travelling through Mexico towards the U.S., suggesting the president had been influenced by right wing voices and coverage.

The president's "addiction to Fox and to other pro-Trump commentators leads to impulsive actions," Stelter said, explaining: "The line where Fox News ends and where Trump begins is getting blurrier by the day."

According to the host, who raised the topic on CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday, the president relies on Fox News and other pro-Trump shows or channels for his information "sometimes via TV, sometimes on the phone, sometimes in person."

Stelter described it as "a story that symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Trump era."

"President Trump receives faulty information then he makes impulsive decisions and his staff has to scramble," Stelter said, suggesting Trump's decision to send the national to the U.S. Mexico border came following a dinner he had in Mar a Lago with Sean Hannity and Fox News coverage of the caravan.

Stelter then showed a clip of Fox News' discussion on the caravan, which included discussions on militarizing the border, after which he said Trump began discussions on sending troops there.

"He is playing to his base, stoking anti-immigrant fears and even catching his staff off guard. Then they have to scramble to make it looks like he knows what he's doing," Stelter added, describing troops on the border as a PR stunt and a "manufactured crisis."

The president is known to watch Fox News, with the channel often the lone escapee from Trump's rants aimed at the majority of the mainstream media—with CNN often lambasted by the president as being a proponent of "fake news."