Tucker Carlson's Claim of Missing Hunter Biden Documents Sparks Flurry of Jokes at Fox News Host

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson has become the object of online mockery following his claim that "damning" evidence against Hunter Biden was lost in the mail.

Carlson told his prime time audience on Wednesday night documents incriminating former Vice President Joe Biden's son had been lost by a "large national carrier," though he didn't name a company.

Twitter users responded to Carlson's claim with jokes and insults, with many suggesting there was no such evidence and others highlighting the ongoing problems with the U.S. Postal Service.

"THE DOG ATE MY CONSPIRACY THEORY," tweeted comedian Lizz Winstead, sharing a video of Carlson's comments.

"We have reached the 'dog ate my homework' stage of 'Surely there is something-gate...'" MSNBC's Joy Reid agreed.

"[A]lso, if you had super secret damning documents, why mail them AFTER your boy Dejoy bolloxed the @USPS??"

Jokes about the dog eating Carlson's homework were a common theme, with Deep State Radio host David Rothkopf summarizing the sentiment by saying: "The dog ate my October surprise."

Some prominent Democrats also weighed in with jokes about Carlson.

"I stole Tucker Carlson's trove of documents," tweeted California Congressman Ted Lieu.

I stole Tucker Carlson’s trove of documents.

Awww, just kidding. Of course a major news network wouldn’t have scanned those documents first right? Or make a copy? Nope. They sent their only copy through the mail. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you. https://t.co/JhTVvvUz5H

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) October 29, 2020

"Awww, just kidding. Of course a major news network wouldn't have scanned those documents first right? Or make a copy? Nope. They sent their only copy through the mail. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you."

"Tucker goes full check-is-in-the-mail," wrote Lieu's California colleague, Congressman Eric Swalwell.

"[O]f course the documents exist but you wouldn't know them, they go to another school," one user joked.

"What makes this so embarrassing for Tucker is that he is unaware that it is so embarrassing," said former Hillary Clinton senior adviser Zac Petkanas.

"Welp @TuckerCarlson's stint on Dancing with the Stars officially bumped down to the number two spot the list of his most buffoonish moments," said ABC executive producer Danny Zuker.

Others focused on the ongoing crisis at USPS. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has been accused of slowing down the mail and Carlson's critics linked his lost documents to the Fox host's support of President Donald Trump.

"Quick! Somebody call @USPS," tweeted Pulitzer Prize winner Laurie Garrett. "Postmaster General Louis DeJoy! 'Hello?' 'Postmaster DeJoy, damning documents for @TuckerCarlson have disappeared in the mail. Do something!' 'Sorry, I ordered all of the sorting machines destroyed. Cannot comply.'"

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson in 2019
Fox News host Tucker Carlson discusses 'Populism and the Right' during the National Review Institute's Ideas Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel March 29, 2019 in Washington, DC. Carlson talked about a large variety of topics including dropping testosterone levels, increasing rates of suicide, unemployment, drug addiction and social hierarchy at the summit, which had the theme 'The Case for the American Experiment.' He's become an object of ridicule following his claims about documents lost in the mail. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images