Tucker Carlson Brands 'The View' Hosts 'Unhinged' in Another Attack on All-woman Show

Tucker Carlson took another swipe at ABC's The View on his Fox News show Thursday night, just a week after labeling the all-woman program a "font of deranged propaganda."

The chyron branded The View hosts "unhinged" during a segment, in which he highlighted comments by co-host Sunny Hostin saying "a woman's word is enough" to bring a sexual assault case to trial.

"After 40 years we finally changed the law," said Hostin, who is a lawyer and legal analyst. "We finally said a woman's word is enough. I've taken many cases to trial with just a woman's word."

Hostin later continued: "Testimony is evidence. You don't need corroborating evidence. You don't need a rape kit. You don't need witnesses because oftentimes, guess what, there are no witnesses during rape. So when you're talking about evidence, testimonial evidence is the very bedrock of our system."

Carlson claimed her comments suggested that "due process plays no role." But his guest on the show, Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, said Hostin was "correct" and a "good lawyer."

"Technically, it is true," Dershowitz said. "The law was changed some years ago, and I think it was a good change, that you don't need corroboration to make a case so that if a woman who was raped immediately goes to the hospital, gets a rape kit, identifies her assailant, knew her assailant previously—certainly her word would be enough.

"But if it's 35 years old, if her main witness said no she wasn't there, if there are inconsistencies in the story, then obviously the testimony of the woman—though technically sufficient—would not be enough to convince any reasonable fact-finder beyond a reasonable doubt."

He later added: "Women do lie. Women lie for economic reasons. I agree that most women tell the truth but most isn't enough to convict somebody. You need proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

"So technically, Sunny Hostin, who is a good lawyer, is correct. But practically, if you have elements that cast doubt on the word of the woman then corroboration certainly helps strengthens the case."

Carlson replied: "So you're allowed to doubt a woman's word, that's still legal."

Just last week, Carlson's show ran a segment attacking The View and its hosts over their criticisms of President Donald Trump and his family.

He aired a clip of The View host Whoopi Goldberg suggesting the reason Donald Trump Jr. fears for his sons amid the #MeToo movement is that they may have "tendencies" towards sexual assault.

Carlson also aired a clip showing The View host Joy Behar saying "white men, old by the way, are not protecting women" and that Judge Brett Kavanaugh—Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court accused of sexual assault, which he denies—is "probably guilty."

And he showed clips of Goldberg telling conservatives to "get out of my behind, get out of my vagina," Behar saying the U.S. would become like apartheid South Africa, and Hostin comparing President Trump to a dictator.

"The View has recently warped from a breezy daytime show into a font of deranged propaganda. Not an overstatement," Carlson said during the segment.

Tucker Carlson The View unhinged
Tucker Carlson presenting his show on Thursday October 11 during which the chyron branding hosts of 'The View' as "unhinged." Fox News