What Happened to 'The View?' Fox News Host Asks How 'Breezy' Talk Show Became 'Deranged Propaganda'

Tucker Carlson has accused ABC's talk show for women The View of becoming "deranged propaganda" over comments made about President Donald Trump by its hosts and guests.

On his own Fox News show Thursday night, Carlson aired a clip of The View host Whoopi Goldberg suggesting the reason Donald Trump Jr. fears for his sons amid the MeToo movement is that they may have "tendencies" towards sexual assault.

He also aired a clip showing The View host Joy Behar saying "white men, old by the way, are not protecting women" and that Judge Brett Kavanaugh—Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court accused of sexual assault, which he denies—is "probably guilty."

There were also clips of Goldberg telling conservatives to "get out of my behind, get out of my vagina," Behar saying America would become like apartheid South Africa, and another host Sunny Hostin comparing President Trump to a dictator.

"The View has recently warped from a breezy daytime show into a font of deranged propaganda. Not an overstatement," Carlson said during the segment on his show Thursday night.

The guest with Carlson was right-wing pundit Ann Coulter. She called on the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh despite the allegations against him by multiple women, as well as the former friends and classmates who called into question his testimony about his drinking habits.

"Well I can't say I was ever a huge View watcher, but I've liked it. I do think the left has lost its mind over Trump," Coulter said.

"I think it's worth pointing out, listening to this hate speech from the left on Kavanaugh, Senators [Susan] Collins and [Lisa] Murkowski and [Jeff] Flake, you know they're so touchy about, 'Oooh the loss of civility under Donald Trump and he's so indecent, we want to respect our institutions.'

"If you want to respect the institutions then vote to confirm Kavanaugh and end this mob attack on obviously a very respectable and perhaps the most impressive judge who's ever been nominated for the Supreme Court."

Coulter also said: "I liked Whoopi's mention of criminal tendencies and I'm thinking this idea of criminal tendencies is something we should start working into the criminal law. We're definitely going back to 'stop and frisk' if we're allowed to consider criminal tendencies."

Stop-and-frisk was abandoned by police in New York because it targeted almost exclusively black and Latino people. A judge ruled in 2013 that stop-and-frisk was unconstitutional because it was essentially racial discrimination in practice, reported The New York Times.

ABC did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Tucker Carlson The View
Tucker Carlson presenting his segment on "The View" during his Fox News show on October 5. Fox News