Tucker Carlson Insists Vaccine Stance at Fox News Is Genuine: 'It's Real'

Tucker Carlson addressed comments made by President Joe Biden about Fox News' vaccine requirements for employees and called them "a lie."

On Monday's edition of his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, the controversial host referred to comments made by President Biden last week.

Speaking outside Chicago on Thursday, Biden addressed vaccine requirements for businesses.

He said: "People chose to get vaccinated. That's why we're seeing more companies signing up. I recently met with the CEOs of Disney, Microsoft, who you're familiar with here, Walgreens, to hear about their requirements."

President Biden later added: "Fox News requires vaccinations for all their employees."

Carlson hit out at President Biden's comments and said: "As a factual matter, what Joe Biden just said is completely untrue. It is a lie, period. We can say that with authority since we work here.

"Every day, literally alone among big media outlets, Fox News defends this country's most basic civil liberties. What we used to refer to as the Bill of Rights."

He continued: "To cynical authoritarians like Joe Biden and the ghouls around him like [White House domestic policy adviser] Susan Rice, that just can't be genuine.

"They assume the people you see on Fox News must be pretending, pretending for money or prestige or ratings or something else. But they are wrong. We are not pretending at all. It's real."

While Fox News' parent company Fox Corporation has an estimated 90 percent of employees who are vaccinated, it does not demand they get jabbed, according to a September article from The Guardian.

Fox News instead asks anyone who has not been vaccinated to take a daily COVID test—a practice stricter than Biden's mandate that requires businesses of more than 100 employees to submit to weekly testing.

Newsweek has contacted Fox News and the White House for comment.

Carlson has been critical of vaccine mandates and said its implementation in the U.S. military was a "takeover."

Speaking in September , Carlson lashed out at the order by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that all active-duty military members be fully vaccinated as being "specifically designed to separate the obedient from the free."

The daughter of an unvaccinated man who recently died of COVID blamed what she called "misinformation" from the Fox News host for her father's death.

In an interview with CNN's John Berman in September, Katie Lane said videos about the vaccines that were featured on Carlson's show "played a role" in her father's death.

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson is pictured in Esztergom, Hungary on August 7, 2021. The Fox News host hit out against Joe Biden. Janos Kummer/Getty