Tucker Carlson Says He Wants to Live in 'Clean Country' in Immigration Rant

Tucker Carlson went on a tirade against immigrants in a recent podcast appearance, with the Fox News host saying he wants to live in a "clean country."

"Advanced, civilized countries are orderly and they're clean—people don't throw McDonald's out the window, they don't leave dirty diapers by the side of the river. I'm sorry, they don't," Carlson said.

The conservative television personality made the comments during an appearance on the political debate show Vince & Jason Save The Nation on October 14.

The show is hosted by political commentators Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols. They discussed topics like immigration, segregation and vaccine mandates on their latest episode.

Immigration was discussed at length throughout the almost two-hour-long show, with Carlson claiming that immigrants cause excessive litter.

Late in the conversation, the podcast poses the question: "Are immigrants helping the economy?"

Nichols quoted previous remarks from Carlson, who said that "immigrants make this country poorer and dirtier."

Nichols explained: "Research shows that immigrants fill gaps in the economy, they start businesses at twice the rate of native-born Americans, 45 percent of fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants.

"They support American entitlements like social security and in 2016, the immigrants added $2 trillion to the GDP and $480 billion in tax revenue in 2018. They also spend $1.2 trillion in local economies across the country."

Quoting research from the University of Wisconsin, Nichols added that U.S. citizens were twice as likely to be arrested for violent felonies and four times as likely to be arrested for property crimes than undocumented immigrants.

"Can we surmise from that data, that immigrants actually make us richer and cleaner?" Nichols asked.

Carlson laughed during Nichols' speech, before going on to say it "sounds like American citizens suck."

"Everything you've said points to the attitude that we started this conversation with, which is 'immigrants are way more impressive than people who voted for Donald Trump or dying of fentanyl in some hollowed-out mill town.'

"This is the attitude behind our immigration policy—giving up on the people who are born here."

Then Carlson addressed what he meant when he said immigrants make the country "dirtier."

"On the dirtier thing, I was speaking specifically about litter," he said. "Which is a huge problem in this country and one of my personal passions is the outdoors ... I really care about nature and I mean it, because it's the one irreplaceable thing. So to destroy that is a sin."

Carlson said that "the climate stuff" has been "totally hijacked by the government and the NGOs," before professing himself to be "radical" on the subject of environmentalism.

"I'm passionate about it and it begins with keeping things clean, not spoiling the environment, so when I look at the border and the Rio Grande is littered with dirty diapers? Why am I the only person that's offended by this?

"Advanced, civilized countries are orderly and they're clean—people don't throw McDonalds out the window, they don't leave dirty diapers by the side of the river. I'm sorry, they don't.

"We don't have the moral courage to say that to people.

"One rule about America is, we pick up our shit, we don't leave it by the side of the road. Sorry, not allowed. We don't."

United Under an American Culture

He later added that people think he's a Nazi for holding those views, adding: "No I'm not, I'm an American! I don't want litter!"

Earlier in the show, Carlson said that he is against immigration as he wants Americans to be united under a unifying culture.

"This country is too freaking volatile, there's no unifying belief, there's nothing that the majority of Americans have in common anymore," he said.

"It's super important that we do or else the country will literally break apart—that's the nature of countries they don't hold together by accident or because they have a common flag.

There has to be a common belief and this endless churn of new people who don't speak the language who don't understand the traditions, the history, the culture—it makes [them] crazy."

He added: "If I was living in Haiti and Salvador or Managua and someone said: 'I will give you free healthcare if you come to my country and the door's open,' dude I'd be on the next train I mean it, so I totally sympathize with them, I don't blame them, I would do the same thing for my family.

"I think a lot of them have views that are a lot closer to mine than Kamala Harris' so it's not about attacking them, I don't feel animosity towards them at all, I'm saying there is a shared culture that develops when people live together even in a continental country the size of ours, over centuries, that gives the country cohesion."

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson speaks during the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Feszt on August 7, 2021, in Esztergom, Hungary. The multiday political event was organized by the MCC, a privately managed foundation that recently received more than $1.7 billion in government money and assets. The leader of its main board, Balazs Orban, who is also a state secretary in the prime minister's office, said the MCC's priority is promoting "patriotism" among the next generation of Hungary's leaders. Janos Kummer/Getty Images