All The 'Turning Red' Easter Eggs in The Pixar Film And Where to Find Them

Pixar have a long tradition of including Easter Eggs and nods to future films in their films, and Turning Red is no exception.

From the iconic Toy Story pizza truck to references to the forthcoming Lightyear animated film starring Chris Evans, there was a lot to unpack and point out.

Newsweek have collected a number of the most notable Easter Eggs and can reveal where to find them during your next watch (or rewatch) of the film.

All The Pixar Easter Eggs in Pixar's 'Turning Red' And Where to Find Them

Turning Red follows the journey of self-discovery of its 13-year-old Meilin "Mei" Lee (played by Rosalie Chiang), who inherits the ability to turn in a giant red panda whenever she feels any strong emotion.

This, as one can imagine, isn't something that comes in handy for a teenager trying to go through life in high-school, and the many emotions that brings.

With that said, here are the top Pixar Easter Eggs that feature in the film.

The 'Toy Story' Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck is one of the main Pixar Easter Eggs of the animation studio's films as it features in every single one of their projects, with the exception of The Incredibles.

Originally featured in Toy Story, the pizza truck was used to make deliveries in the classic animated film and it has since made a number of subtle cameos.

The Pizza Truck can be seen in Turning Red when Mei is running through traffic towards the Skydome in the final arc of the movie.

The Pixar Ball

Like the Pizza Planet Truck, Pixar's famous Luxo Jr. Ball can always be spotted in the animation studio's films, and in Turning Red it's in a real blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

The ball can be seen from a distance in the pool at Tyler's house party, where Mei is attending as the star of the show in her red panda-form.

As she and her friends chat on the roof of Tyler's house, the ball can be seen floating in the pool below.


A113 is another Pixar Easter Egg that features in every film, and it is a reference to the classroom number of students at California Institute of the Arts, many of whom are now working at the animation studio.

The number can be seen in a number of places in Turning Red, including The Chalker used in the Skydome scene where Mei goes up against her mother's red panda, and it appears as a seat number on a concert ticket to 4*Town.

Finding Nemo

Turning Red has a subtle nod to the Pixar classic Finding Nemo in the form of a sticker that is placed on a door in the girl's bathroom at Mei's school.

The sticker, which can be seen behind Abby (Hyein Park) in one scene, is of a clownfish, a distinct reference to the famous fish.


Each Pixar movie tries to provide a nod to the next film to be released by the animation studio, which in this case is Lightyear.

The forthcoming film is alluded to in the form of stickers, as the scene where Mei meets her friends at the start of the film shows Miriam's (Ava Morse) skateboard, which has a sticker of a cat and Buzz Lightyear's symbol stuck to its underside.


The film's nod to Luca is a lot more obvious than the others, because when Mei is dreaming of heartthrob Robaire from 4*Town she imagines him as a merman.

This is a reference to Luca, which follows the escapades of a young sea monster and his adventures on the Italian Riviera.


Turning Red also makes a reference to Pixar's short film Bao, which tells the story of a Chinese-Canadian mother who makes a steamed bun that comes to life.

In Mei's introduction in the film the teen can be seen walking through the city streets and there are a number of shop signs visible as she does so, one shop sign is for Bao dumplings, a clear nod to the short film.


Coco is referenced when Mei accidentally scares people while running home in her red panda form as there are papel picado flags that are hanging from buildings.

Monsters Inc.

Pixar's iconic Monsters Inc. is given a subtle nod through Abby's clothing, as her purple dungarees are decorated with flowers in a similar design to Boo's door.

Onward, Up, and Inside Out

Other films in the Pixar catalogue like Onward, Up and Inside Out are given very subtle nods. For example, Inside Out is referenced by a sticker of a rainbow unicorn on the phone of one of the students.

Meanwhile, there is a gem from Onward in Mei's science classroom, and there is also a skeleton that looks like Kevin from Up in the room too.

Turning Red is out on Disney+ now.

Turning Red
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