Twitch After Ninja: Top Streamer Leaves Platform For "Another Castle"

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is one of the most monetarily successful content creators on the internet. Over the past two years, he's become a household name by streaming Fortnite on Twitch, building up an empire on brand deals, sponsorships and fan donations. According to an interview with Forbes in March, the content creator was making around $500,000 a month off of Twitch subscriptions, a service where fans can pay real money to earn special badges and content on his channel. Reuters reports that EA paid the streamer $1 million to stream their game Apex Legends on his channel during its launch week.

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What Ninja's Twitch URL currently looks like Twitch

Being the most desirable pink-haired Fortnite pro on the web comes with opportunities. Along with the EA sponsorship, Blevins has worked with Uber Eats, Red Bull, MeUndies, and most recently Mixer. In August, Microsoft's streaming platform poached Blevins away from Twitch for an undisclosed amount of money. Blevins will stream exclusively on Mixer for the foreseeable future, which has already started to give the platform a viewership injection. On Blevin's first stream on Mixer, over 70,000 viewers showed up to watch him build, battle and shoot giant mecha suits.

Twitch for it's part is trying to distance itself from their former top creator. Subscribers to the Ninja channel were sent an email and a refund, informing them of other content creators they could spend their money on instead. The URL for the Ninja channel has been changed, writing "the Ninja you are looking for is in another castle" and listing a selection of Fortnite streamers to watch. This seems to be a unique addition just for the Ninja channel; Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has a deal with app DLIve to stream solely on their platform but his Twitch channel still remains active.

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Twitch does not comment on individual streamers.

Blevins leaving Twitch could be a huge blow for the platform. Twitch's top content creators have become beacons for controversy, with Turner "Tfue" Tenney being sued by his former esports organizations, and Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm getting banned from E3 for streaming in a men's bathroom. Without Blevins squeaky clean, brand focused image, it could be hard to pull in advertisers or viewers.

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