Two Great Danes Hug Owner After Being Reunited in Heartwarming Viral Video

One of the many benefits of having a dog is that they are always pleased to see you when you arrive home.

However, when it's large Great Danes that you have as pets this greeting is a very full-on experience, as a recent viral video shows.

In footage posted to TikTok by an account called, ran by dog owner Sabrina Giardina, we can see a woman being flanked by the two huge dogs, who are standing on their hindlegs as she dances between them.

A man then walks through the door, into the kitchen area, and the two animals, who are named Viola and Parker, bound towards him and leap to give him a human-style hug.

Another dog, the pair's mother Margot, watches the scene from the living room floor.—whose bio reads: "House of Loving Scooby-Doos"— captioned the adorable video, writing: "When dad gets home."

The clip, which can be watched here, has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on July 16, having been viewed a staggering 54.9 million times and liked by 10.3 million people.

More than 91,500 comments have been left beneath the video, with many people sharing their delight at the heartwarming moment.

One TikTok user, Meeee, wrote: "Whose horse is that?"

Another person, Ivan Ramirez, added: "Why aren't they in the NBA?"

VxNmxveSilent joked: "Them dogs need to pay bills."

Cameron Bilbo stated: "Please tell me why have a doggie gate."

Dougie Christopher typed: "Oh stawwwwp! I miss mine so much! Only had two together though - not sure I could cope with 3. Whippy tails and lap sits! So lovely!"

Nathan Spencer asked: "But like where do you put the saddle?"

Shannon Downs668 lamented: "I always wanted a Great Dane but my house says no," alongside a sad-face emoji.

Hanna Nibbe explained: "My aunt and uncle have 2 Great Danes and also do this. They're so lovable."

Shaina commented: "Those aren't dogs those are roommates."

Speaking to Newsweek, Giardina explained the greeting happened after her husband returned from "work for the day but had previously seen them during his lunch break at home."

She added the hugging is typical of her pets as "they are always happy when we get home and we are always greeted like we've been away for years—they really have no concept of time."

"They are such loving creatures. We've never been without Great Danes in the household for the past 22 years."

Another video of a dog that has recently gone viral shows a Labrador puppy appearing to play the drums.

In the clip, shared to TikTok by Imperial Point Animal Hospital, we can see a small Labrador puppy sitting in front of an upturned metal bowl.

A veterinary technician is holding his arms and proceeds to make his paws hit the makeshift drum along to a soundtrack—the result is equal parts hilarious and adorable!

Since the video was posted on August 13 it has been watched by 28.4 million people and received 5.3 million likes.

Two great danes
Great Danes Parker and Viola are "such loving creatures" and always greet their owner's like they've "been away for years." Sabrina Giardina

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