Two Kids Dressed as One Tall Man to Get Into Black Panther Screening And It's Awesome

Black Panther is already smashing box office records, taking more than $192 million it its opening weekend, with moviegoers desperate to take in the action.

But what to do if tickets to the movies are out of your price range? Two kids in California tried the oldest trick in the book in an attempt to get two-for-one tickets to the superhero movie; climbing on one another's shoulders and donning a trench coat in an attempt to pass themselves off as one tall man.

The sight of the very tall man was captured on video, with one of the young pranksters uploading it to Twitter, writing: "We tried getting the two for one special at Black Panther. The manager was not having it."

We tried getting the two for one special at black panther. The manager was not having it.

— Pillsbury (@stevelikescups) February 16, 2018

The footage, which has been viewed and shared thousands of times on the social media site, shows the pair standing nonchalantly in line, towering over the other customers as they attempt to get into a weekend showing of the popular flick.

But despite wearing a long coat and hat, their disguise did not fool anyone, with fellow cinemagoers giggling as the boys waited to buy their tickets… or rather that should be ticket.

The boys did not comment on whether they had decided to fork out for two tickets after their attempt at a single was rejected, but their antics were in far better taste than the other online spoofs involving Black Panther.

Over the weekend, it emerged that racist trolls had targeted the movie with fake claims about white people being attacked at screenings, Buzzfeed reported.

The trolls uploaded pictures of domestic violence survivors to Twitter claiming that they had been attacked at screenings of the film; with other social media users quick to point out that the pictures used were not related to the movie and that the accusations were fabricated.