'Typical Landlords': Shocked Home Inspector Finds Painted-Over Hand Grenade

Anyone buying or renting a home will know you find some pretty outlandish stuff in houses, from disastrous décor to mold so well-established it should be paying rent.

One home inspector spotted a potentially extremely dangerous item casually on display in a house. He spied what appears to be a hand grenade, hanging from a nail, covered in the same silver paint as the surrounding walls. Whether the weapon is real, or even potentially active, hasn't been verified.

His sibling, NikolaiBullcry, shared a snap of the shimmering explosive to Reddit's WTF forum on Friday, where it has amassed more than 30,000 upvotes. It can be seen here.

"My brother is a home inspector, this one is definitely going in his report," they captioned the image.

Painting over cracks or defects is a well-known trick used to cut corners, sometimes termed the landlord special, but just covering a hand grenade in the same color as you go round seems like a new twist.

While it wasn't specified where this home is, or if it's a rental or for sale, painting often falls to the responsibility of the owner or landlord of any given property.

"Painting is an interesting topic because it fits along a thin line between practical needs and aesthetic appearances," website Rentprep noted.

It can entice new tenants, update a property relatively cheaply, and mask any unsightly stains or marks.

"Unless required by city laws, there are very few situations in which a landlord has to paint their rental properties.

"In most cases, landlords can repaint properties at their discretion and as they deem necessary for upkeep purposes," the site added.

Numerous Redditors saw the funny side of the paint-job in the comments, as LCranstonKnows wrote: "Yep. And if they're cutting corners with the hand grenades, who knows what the edging will look like!"

AndHeDrewABerry wrote: "Hahaha load bearing grenade."

Jesse0016 asked: "How many coats of paint would contain a grenade blast?"

Foamingturtle warned: "That's a structural grenade. Don't touch it."

TheLaGrangianMethod assured: "Just put another coat on it, it'll be fine."

Mrandr01d thought: "Perfect manager response."

While Poppiesintherain commented: "Typical landlords, they just painted over it.

Sooprvylyn said: "We all know its pure laziness."

While UntrackedProductions added: "Dude I work with a property management company, and I've seen them paint over some s***, but never a f***** hand grenade, as far as I could tell anyway."

While unconfirmed, the object in the image closely resembles a M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade.

According to Project Manager Close Combat Systems (PMCCS), these have a "lethal radius" of five meters, yet can injure people as far away as 15 meters, and disperse fragments up to 230 meters.

Their website said: "This grenade is used to supplement small arms fire against enemies in close combat. It produces casualties by high velocity projection of fragments in a uniform distribution pattern.

"The 2.5-inch diameter steel sphere contains 6.5 ounces of high explosive and is fitted with a fuze that initiates the explosive charge. The grenade has a delay detonating device, giving the soldier 4 to 5 seconds of separation after release of the safety lever."

Newsweek reached out to NikolaiBullcry for comment.

File photo of a grenade.
File photo of a grenade. A home inspector was shocked to find a hand-grenade that had been painted over. Igorbondarenko/Getty Images