Ukraine Kills 83 Russians, Destroys Military Equipment, Ammo Depots: Report

Ukraine Russian Casualties Report OCS War Troops
Ukrainian troops are shown performing a training exercise near Bucha, Ukraine, on June 17, 2022. The Ukrainian military Tuesday reported killing more than 80 Russian soldiers and destroying equipment and ammunition posts. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images

The Ukrainian military says it killed 83 Russian troops on Tuesday, while also destroying three Russian ammunition warehouses and a significant amount of military equipment.

Ukraine's Operational Command South (OCS) said the situation was "tense and dynamic" in an update posted to Facebook while the country's military was engaged with Russian forces on multiple fronts, including the large southern counteroffensive launched last week. The Russian casualties were reported following 13 apparent Ukrainian airstrikes and 250 missile and artillery attacks.

OCS also said that five tanks, 12 Msta-B and Msta-S howitzers, three Hyacinth-B cannons and three armored vehicles were destroyed. Three Russian ammunition depots in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions were also reportedly leveled.

Russian offensives were aided by reconnaissance drones, with at least one Orlan-10 reportedly being shot down by Ukraine on Tuesday, according to OCS. Russia was said to be focusing its efforts on defending against the Ukrainian attacks, while also conducting "sneaky shelling" of civilian settlements.

A Russian artillery attack in the Nikopol district caused no causalities, according to OCS. Ukraine said that a Russian Sukhoi Su-25 jet was "landed ahead of schedule by our anti-aircraft missile units" while it was attempting to conduct airstrikes in the Kherson region.

Ukrainian civilians were warned to heed warnings, stay out of restricted areas and remain "vigilant" in the face of Russian attacks.

"Given the threats of missile strikes and artillery shelling, heed the warnings of the defense forces," OCS said. "Be vigilant and considerate, do not put yourself in danger in the no-go areas. In particular, areas of the coast are currently particularly dangerous. The sea is stormy and can be generous in adversity. Follow the air alarms."

The latest Russian casualty report from OCS came one day after the U.S. defense and foreign affairs think-tank Institute for the Study of War released a report asserting that the southern Ukraine counteroffensive was part of a war of attrition that had succeeded in thwarting Russia's strategy in south Ukraine.

"The Ukrainian counteroffensive is tangibly degrading Russian logistics and administrative capabilities in occupied southern Ukraine," the report says. "Ukrainian officials explicitly confirmed that Ukrainian troops seek to attrit Russian logistical capabilities in the south through precision strikes on manpower and equipment concentrations, command centers, and logistics nodes."

"Ukrainian forces intend to slowly chip away at both Russian tactical and operational level capabilities in Kherson Oblast, and in doing so will likely have significant impacts on the administrative and bureaucratic capabilities of occupation officials," it continues.

Newsweek has reached out to the Russian government for comment.