Mom Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees Into Family With Tear-Jerking Airport Union

A mom from the U.K. captured the moment she finally united with the Ukrainian family she's providing a home for.

Mom Aimee Stott matched with the Ukrainian mom, whose name wasn't divulged, on a Facebook group and applied for a visa using the U.K.'s "Homes for Ukraine" scheme. Since arriving in Bristol, England, the Ukrainian mom and her son have become a self-described "new family" with British mom Stott and her two sons.

In just five days, the amazing moment the "new family" of five met each other for the first time has gone viral on TikTok, gaining over 3 million views.

The moment saw Stott stand at the arrivals gate at the airport, instantly recognising the new members of her family and beginning to cry. As the pair rushed to one another, the Ukrainian mom with a heavy backpack on, they embraced in a much-needed hug.

"It was one of the most memorable moments of my life," wrote Aimee on-screen.

Aimee then bent down to the height of the young refugee and gave him a wave, followed by another heartwarming hug.

Google Translate

Aside from the hugs, the five of them are communicating mainly through Google Translate. The video can be seen in full here.

"I couldn't stop thinking about what if it was my sons, and I finally have a spare room." explained Stott in a comment.

"We are all adjusting to a new life together as a family of five," she added. "Many Ukrainians are frightened to leave and she wants to show them it can be okay if you do."

"The visa process is atrocious. To others who are hoping to host this is proof it can be done, and we want to encourage others," she wrote.

Aimee and her new family members used the Homes for Ukraine scheme offered by the U.K. government, which allows U.K. residents to host Ukrainian refugees who they know, but do not have family ties with.

Organizations are working to pair up willing people in the U.K. with Ukrainians in need of homes. Room in the home is offered rent-free and hosts are not expected to provide food or living expenses, though many like Aimee do.

The scheme has so far issued 39,300 visas, but just 6,600 people have arrived in the U.K. so far.

Viewers of Aimee's video were left in awe of the moment, finding inspiration in the gesture of humanity.

"You have just changed someone's life forever. Fantastic," wrote one user.

"You just made me cry, your greeting was so perfect, kind and respectful," added another.

A follow-up video posted by Stott showed the children playing in the garden with the dog, blowing bubbles, mealtimes together, selfies of the moms and having glasses of wine together—a contrasting picture from their war stricken home of Ukraine.

Newsweek has contacted Aimee Stott for comment.

Ukrainian flag hug
Oleksii Yeromin, wrapped in a Ukrainian flag, hugs a Ukrainien refugee as they cross the San Ysidro PedWest port of entry along the US-Mexico border between Tijuana, Baja California, and the U.S. on April 8, 2022, in San Ysidro, California. Getty Images

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