Ukrainian Bride and Russian Groom Are Wed on Frontline After Meeting in War

A wedding ceremony was held on Monday at the frontline of the Russia-Ukraine war for a couple who met mere weeks ago in Kyiv.

Ksenia and Roman are both Ukrainian citizens and serve in the 112th Territorial Defence Brigade (TRO), Newsflare said. But Roman is originally from Russia's Komi Republic.

Despite his Russian roots, however, Roman's Ukrainian citizenship allowed him to join the country's armed forces in the fight against his home country.

The couple, unaware of the "dangers each day will bring," decided to tie the knot on Monday in front of their fellow comrades, said Newsflare. Also in attendance was the TRO's commander, who officiated the wedding.

A video of the ceremony obtained by Newsweek shows the couple exchanging their rings, singing Ukraine's national anthem and enjoying wine with their guests.

"Right now the unit commander has the right to conduct registration of acts of civil status, like this," said the TRO's commander during the ceremony, according to Newsflare. "I have already told you everything about the newlyweds: they are from different countries, they met, and then got married during the war.

"This is an extraordinary story, worthy of the attention of the world. A wartime wedding symbolizes that life goes on and does not stop. It continues," he concluded.

Roman told Newsflare that he and Ksenia planned a one-day honeymoon that'll allow them to "have fun at home together" before being forced to return to the fight.

As it turns out, Roman and Ksenia aren't the first couple to get married on the frontline of the war. Earlier this month, Ukrainian couple Lesia Ivashchenko and Valerii Fylymonov tied the knot on the defensive line in Kyiv after 22 years together.

"I'm happy that we are alive, that this day started, that my husband is alive and he is with me," Ivashchenko reportedly said after the ceremony.

An assessment on Monday by Britain's Ministry of Defence (MOD), found that "Russian forces advancing on [Kyiv] from the northeast have stalled." The MOD further explained that "the bulk" of Russia's forces were "more than 16 miles from the city center," said Newsweek.

Still, the MOD said that "Kyiv remains Russia's primary military objective."

Also on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that more than 8,000 people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors, including those out of Kyiv and Mariupol, reported Newsweek.

"During the day, eight humanitarian corridors worked," he said in a video address. "Kyiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Vorzel, Bucha, Velyka Dymerka, Mariupol, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Popasna and Kreminna. 8,057 people were rescued. Thank you to everyone who did it, who worked for the people."

For more information on the war in Ukraine follow Newsweek's live blog.

Ukrainian serviceman in Kyiv.
A wedding ceremony was held on Monday at the frontline of the Russia-Ukraine war for a couple who met mere weeks ago in Kyiv. Pictured above is a Ukrainian serviceman standing guard in Kyiv. FADEL SENNA / Contributor/Getty