'Ultimate Custom Night' Guide - Controls, Cutscenes, Tips & Easter Eggs

Ultimate Custom Night is now live for all Five Nights at Freddy's fans to experience. With that in mind, the hours after the game's launch left players with many questions. What are the controls? What's in the lore cutscenes? How can I win? We'll tell you all about that in this guide.

'Ultimate Custom Night' Controls

Ultimate Custom Night Controls
Here are the controls for ‘Ultimate Custom Night.’ Scott Games

This menu is available in the current version of Custom Night, but it only displays once. Here are the key mappings you should know to help survive the night.

  • 1: Power Generator
  • 2: Silent Ventilation
  • 3: Heater
  • 4: Power AC
  • 5: Global Music Box
  • 6/X: All off
  • Z: Flashlight
  • W: Close Forward Vent
  • A: Close Left Door
  • S: Monitor
  • D: Close Right Door
  • F: Close Side Vent
  • C: Catch Fish (Old Man Con.)
  • Enter: Close Ad (El Chip)
  • Spacebar: Toggle Desk Fan
  • Esc.: Main Menu

Keep this list handy on a second screen while you play the game on a PC. This layout can be hard to keep straight if you've been out of the Five Nights at Freddy's loop for a while, so take some time to get to know everything.


Especially if you're trying to conquer 50-20 mode, it's pretty hard to offer concrete strategies to win every time. That being said, we'll offer you a few tips to deal with most of the characters you'll encounter throughout your horrifying experience.

Ultimate Custom Niight Roster guide
The ‘Ultimate Custom Night’ roster is huge and nearly impossible to defend against. Scott Games
  • Golden Freddy: Don't stare at him when he appears, pull up your Monitor.
  • Helpy: Click him off quickly or prepare for a jumpscare.
  • Balloon Boy: He likes the side vent so keep that closed and wait for him to go away. If he gets in, he disables your flashlight.
  • JJ: Has similar behavior to Balloon Boy, but she disables door controls instead of the flashlight.
  • Nightmare Fredbear/Nightmare: They can only be seen once they reach your door with Fredbear on the left and Nightmare on the right. Close the doors on them quickly.
  • Phantom Freddy: He just shows up in your office. Shine your flashlight at him.
  • Old Man Consequences: Catch a fish with the "C" key.
  • Puppet: As usual, keep an eye on the Music Box. If she escapes she can't get back in and your ventilation drains at a faster rate.
  • Nightmare Puppet: He appears at random areas in the office. Avoid mousing over where he goes.
  • Music Man: Make a lot of noise and you'll meet a cymbal-crashing demise.
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy: If he's slouched he's not dangerous. If he stands up, shine your light on him.
  • Happy Frog: She climbs in the vents and heads towards the hoses in your office. Audio cues will keep her at bay 100 percent of the time. She is immune to the Heater.
  • Mr. Hippo: Like Happy Frog except the Heater repels him too. He's faster than Happy Frog.
  • Pigpatch: The same as Mr. Hippo but faster.
  • Nedd Bear: Same as above except he's faster than Pigpatch and is only fooled by audio 50 percent of the time.
  • Orville Elephant: Same as above except he's faster than Nedd Bear and is only fooled by audio 10 percent of the time.
  • Springtrap: He climbs through the front vent. He's silent, so all you can do is close the door when you see him.
  • Molten Freddy: He climbs in the vents and is very fast. However, you can track him with the Monitor and hear him. Close the vent to get rid of him.
  • Ennard: Also in the vents and only trackable in motion. He makes a squeak noise before attacking. Close the vent.
  • Phantom Mangle: Appears at random on your Monitor, so just close the Monitor when it shows up. If you don't do that, Phantom Mangle comes in your office to make noise.
  • Mangle: Enters through the vents and doesn't leave once she arrives. If she enters, she'll make noise and jumpscare you. Use the vent snare to keep her away.
  • Withered Chica: Can be blocked using the vent snare or door and can be tracked with radar. She has no audio cue and will get stuck in the vent door if she gets there. This prevents Ennard, Molten Freddy and Springtrap from getting in, but Mangle is still open for business. She can eventually wiggle her way out to jumpscare you.
  • Toy Bonnie: He enters through the trapdoor on the right. Use the Freddy mask and look directly at him.
  • Toy Chica: Like Toy Bonnie except she enters to the left and is faster. She's vulnerable to direct contact with the Freddy mask.
  • Jack-O-Chica: Can appear at left and right doors simultaneously. You have to close both at once to make her go away.
  • Rockstar Chica: She waits outside either side of the office. Double click the wet floor sign in front of the door she's at.
  • Freddy Fazbear: He comes from the left and moves toward the door. Shut the door and he goes away. He moves faster in a warmer office.
  • Phantom Balloon Boy: He appears on the Monitor at random. Close it or change cameras to avoid a scare.
  • Phone Guy: He calls and makes noise. Watch for the mute button and click it as fast as possible.
  • Nightmare Freddy: Mini-Freddies will fill your desk, and you must shine your light on them.
  • Chica: She'll stay in the kitchen as long as you change the music box when she stops making noise. If you fail, she leaves the kitchen and never goes back.
  • Lefty: He's annoyed by noise and heat. The only way to soothe him is to use the Global Music Box.
  • El Chip: He shows ads. Press enter to skip them.
  • Withered Bonnie: He sneaks in while you watch the Monitor, but he has audio cues and disrupts the screen. Put on the Freddy mask quickly and he'll go away.
  • Funtime Chica: She poses and you can't get rid of her, but she won't jumpscare you.
  • Toy Freddy: Toy Freddy is playing Five Nights With Mr. Hugs in the Parts and Services room. Click the cameras on his screen to make sure Hugs doesn't get into Freddy's office. If he gets a game over, he'll come to the office and scare you.
  • Funtime Foxy: His Pirate's Cove sign lists a showtime at random. That time is when he'll come to your office and kill you. If you're watching him as the hour turns toward showtime, he'll stay quiet for several hours.
  • Ballora: She comes from the left or right and disables your cameras. Use audio cues to close the correct door before she comes in.
  • Rockstar Bonnie: He's mostly good and will lower your meters if you click his parrot when it comes into your office. However, sometimes he'll jumpscare you if you do that.
  • Baby, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle: They come from the right and only attack once per night in a random order. Keep the right door shut or purchase the corresponding Plush from the Prize Counter. You must buy each Plush in the order the characters appear. Get Faz-Coins by defending against other animatronics or seeing them on your cameras. Use these to buy the Plush.
  • William Afton: He only attacks once at random and comes from the right. When the lights flicker, close the door immediately.
  • Scrap Baby: She shows up slumped in your office. Use the shock panel to shock her if you think she moved. If you don't notice she's moved, she'll scare you the next time you bring your Monitor up.
  • Rockstar Freddy: He demands Faz-Coins and you must pay him. If you can't, turn up the heat for a few seconds.
  • Bonnie: Will scramble your cameras for a long time if your camera is on him when he peeks behind the curtain. Watch the figure on your desk, and don't go to the Cove if Bonnie is displayed.
  • Trash and the Gang: Just makes noise to annoy you.
  • Foxy: He'll slip pieces of himself through any opening if he's not watched. If all four pieces get in your office, he'll scare you the next time you bring up the Monitor.
  • Dee Dee: Adds an animatronic to your game at random. Can spawn the enemies listed below.
  • Shadow Bonnie: Causes your office to go dark for 10 seconds and there is no way to avoid him
  • Plushtrap: He appears on a screen and must be scared out of his chair with a click. If you don't do it fast enough, he'll get you.
  • Nightmare Chica: She slowly approaches with her mouth open, but you can use the Heater to push her back.
  • Bonnet: If she's summoned, click her nose when she appears on screen.
  • Minireena: Covers your screen at random
  • Lolbit: Type "LOL" when you hear his audio disturbance.
  • Fredbear: Click his hat or get scared.

Use these strategies to complete 50-20 night or any of the 16 individual challenges to unlock cool office skins and silly cutscenes.

'Ultimate Custom Night' Cutscenes

While almost nobody has beaten 50-20 mode at this point, users have already datamined Ultimate Custom Night's cutscenes to reveal the secrets they hide. They mostly seem silly and not super-related to the story we know, but they're an interesting watch.

The first set of cutscenes features an ancient feud between Freddy and Foxy, which some say is an allegory to the sibling rivalry between the older and younger Afton brothers. Far more disturbing though, are the chapters of Yandere Chica, in which Toy Chica lures several of her classmates, dismantles them and stuffs their parts into her bag. Taking these two stories as one whole, we may get a picture of the two Afton sons and the murderous William Afton, who is represented by Chica. This would line up with popular theories that the entire story of FNaF focuses entirely on the Afton family.

The supposed final cutscene features a writhing 3D model of Golden Freddy. To us, that suggests the Five Nights at Freddy's series will continue beyond Ultimate Custom Night.

The Easter Eggs

Players are still uncovering Easter eggs as they spend more time with Ultime Custom Night, but here are a few brief appearances that have taken fan communities by storm over the past few hours.

Funtime Chica's Pose: Seriously, this picture represents everything unsettling about some corners of the Five Nights at Freddy's community.

Ultimate Custom Night Funtime Chica
This Funtime Chica distraction is unsettling. Scott Games

Shadow De Dee: You may see this creepy thing while trying to complete 50-20 mode. She's like regular Dee Dee, but she spawns two animatronics instead of one.

Ultimate Custom Night Shadow Dee Dee
Shadow Dee Dee is doubly dangerous. Scott Games

Mr Hippo's Rants: If you get killed by Mr. Hippo, prepare to endure a death screen that can last upwards of three-minutes long with an extended monologue. You can listen to all of them below.

This Random Boy: This picture can pop up just about anywhere at random including vents, doors or even the death screen. The community believes this is a picture of young Scott Cawthon or possibly one of his sons.

Ultimate Custom Night Boy
Who the heck is this mysterious boy, and why is he here? Scott Games

Those are all the Easter eggs we know for now, but post any additional discoveries in the comments section below.

Ultimate Custom Night is available now as a free download on Steam.

What's your take on Ultimate Custom Night so far? Have you beaten 50-20 mode yet? Tell us in the comments section!