United Airlines Plane Catches Fire, Forcing Passengers to Evacuate: Video

A passenger aboard a United Airlines plane filmed the tense evacuation that took place on Tuesday after a fire broke out underneath the aircraft while it was on a runway at Denver International Airport.

Adrian Hartwell shared the video on social media, which showed a line of passengers waiting to get off the plane as an attendant is heard giving directions over the intercom.

According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, there may be a few different types of fires that occur on a plane, including fires that break out when the engine starts and electrical fires.

United Airlines Plane
A video captured the moment that passengers aboard a United Airlines aircraft had to evacuate due to a small fire. Above, United Airlines aircraft are seen at Newark Liberty International Airport. Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

"The best insurance against an aircraft fire is professional maintenance and a thorough preflight inspection," the organization said. "Always look for evidence of fuel, oil and hydraulic leaks, and use your nose as well as your eyes."

Electrical components should also be tested before taking off.

In Hartwell's video, passengers were urged to leave their bags and leave the plane.

A long line of people stood in the aisle as they waited for people to continue moving off of the aircraft.

Hartwell ended the video just as he stepped out into the aisle to evacuate.

Stephanie Figueroa, a public information officer with the airport, told Newsweek in an email that scheduled flight UA 1658 from Kansas City, Missouri, landed safely at Denver International Airport.

"At the gate, there were reports of smoke and fire under the aircraft," she said. "The plane safely made it to the gate where Denver Fire responded and quickly put out the small fire."

Figueroa said some passengers evacuated and got off the plane on the jet bridge, though the slides were deployed at the back for some passengers to use.

"There were not any reports of smoke or fire inside the aircraft," she said. "All passengers safely exited the plane and there were no injuries reported."

A statement provided to Newsweek from United Airlines noted that there was smoke potentially due to brakes overheating.

Newsweek reached out to Adrian Hartwell for further comment.

There have been other reports of issues with airplanes.

A private aircraft crash-landed on a bridge in Miami, which was captured in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

Another plane made an emergency landing in central China after a fire alarm went off in the middle of the flight.

One plane's landing gear collapsed after it touched down at Miami International Airport, which led to the aircraft catching fire.