Urban Explorers Share 'Most Disgusting' Room Ever in Abandoned Hotel

A group of urban explorers have shared the "most disgusting" room they've ever seen, inside an abandoned hotel.

Ashley Howell, who posts her exploits on TikTok under the name @ashleyurbex, posted a horrifying clip to the site last month.

It shows a decaying hotel room, with pieces of furniture and soft furnishings left to rot.

In the middle of the room are two single beds pushed together, which at first glance appear to be covered in a fluffy comforter.

On closer inspection, the explorers realize the beds are actually blanketed in mold, prompting one to exclaim that it "looks like it's snowed in here."

Next they find black and white mold across the curtains, on the ceiling and "even the bloody photos."

A scenic painting of a family in the countryside is distorted, with a brown layer of fungus across the surface.

The TikTok voiceover says: "The most disgusting thing I've seen—all mold."

Howell, who is based in Milton Keynes, southeast England, shared two more videos from the venue but did not disclose its location.

One of the clips is captioned: "Abandoned hotel & wedding venue left for over 6 years! What an amazing explore."

Howell's third video from the hotel revealed that, bizarrely, "all the electrics work." The explorers turned on the TV and even boiled a kettle, as well as filming the working light fixtures.

She later wrote in the comments: "FYI almost all the lights were already on."

Responding to questions from other TikTokers, Howell also claimed the water was still running.

Asked how the explorers had gained entry, she replied: "Windows were open!"

A walkthrough of the abandoned building revealed guestrooms called "Rowan" and "Willow," with another sign pointing the way to the "Autumn Suites."

The guestrooms have tables, chairs, beds and bedside tables, along with carpeted floors and framed pictures hanging on the walls.

A grand room with wooden flooring is filled with purple furniture that has been piled against the walls, while another has furniture haphazardly stacked. A four-poster bed stands in one empty room.

In a bathroom, Howell's group sign their names on a tiled wall, alongside scrawls from other urban explorers.

The "most disgusting" hotel is also her most popular video so far, with 1.5 million views. TikTokers were particularly horrified by the moldy bed.

Dr. Edit joked: "Ah, the camembert mattress. An excellent choice."

EmptyFootage posted: "I just thought it looked like a comfy bed."

Megan Croft warned: "Wear a protective equipment that room is dangerous for you."

Pringular wrote: "Bed looks like its been sprayed with foam."

JB_Cyp advised: "Just burn the place down to ground and build it again."


Abandoned hotel & wedding venue left for over 6 years! What an amazing explore 🔦 #abandoned #urbex #urbanexploring #fyp #foryou

♬ Sweet Dreams (A cappella) - Holly Henry

Urban exploration has soared in popularity in recent years, with adventurers sharing their incredible images on social media. Some have warned against the hobby, however, citing legal or safety concerns.

It can pose a risk to explorers' health, according to the lobby group Asbestos Justice. The organisation said: "Although not always the case, this can involve trespassing. As many of the abandoned buildings lie derelict and in a poor state of repair there are inherent dangers in urban exploration, with unsafe floors and broken glass being present at the sites. There may also be hidden dangers, such as asbestos.

"It is not always easy to identify asbestos materials and the fibres themselves can be so small that in a dark, boarded-up room they are unlikely to be seen."

Newsweek has reached out to Howell for comment.

File photo of a moldy room.
File photo of a moldy room. Urban explorers have shared horrifying footage of an abandoned hotel. dimitris_k/Getty Images

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