Hospital That Treated Daniel Prude Says Care Was 'Appropriate and Compassionate' After Brother's Complaint

A review conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) into the treatment that Daniel Prude received at Strong Memorial Hospital found that it was "medically appropriate and compassionate," following his brother Joe Prude's complaint.

Daniel Prude was treated at URMC's Strong Memorial Hospital hours before his brother called the police. Body camera footage from Prude's arrest shows that he was handcuffed and held down by police, as Prude was naked and had a hood put on his head, The New York Times reported.

Prude died a week after his arrest on March 30. In a review of his death, the medical examiner referenced "complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint."

In a statement provided to Newsweek, URMC offered to explain to Prude's family what treatment he received when he was admitted on March 22, and gave the option to waive confidentiality to make the information public.

"As we said Thursday in extending our deepest sympathies to the Prude family, privacy laws prevent us from discussing Daniel Prude's evaluation or treatment at Strong Memorial Hospital. While reviewing his case internally, we have asked the family to meet with us so that we can answer any questions they have about his care. In addition, we have sent a HIPAA release form to the Prude family, asking permission to share information about Daniel Prude's care as part of this important community and national conversation," the statement read.

In an interview with The Appeal, Joe Prude explained the circumstances that led to his brother being treated at the hospital. "If I had known that me calling for help would've led to my brother being murdered, I think I'd have just did what I told my lawyer. I should've tied him down and kept him in the house," he said.

Joe Prude spoke about the alleged lack of diagnosis, saying his brother Daniel should've been kept longer. "[He] was released with no diagnosis, no nothing, and for me reaching out like that, knowing he should've at least been observed for at least 72 hours or something so they could get a clear read on how he was functioning. They didn't do that," he said.

He said that his brother was rushed out of the hospital, and when his began behaving illogically again, Joe Prude opted to call the police. "The only thing they did was: 'Oh, it's another Black man with Multiple Personality Disorder, and get him on out of here,' and put him in a medical cab, and sent him back to my house. No medication. No nothing. Prescribed nothing for him, and the episode started again," he said.

Earlier in its statement, URMC said that Prude's death highlighted conversations about the roles that healthcare providers and law enforcement have when dealing with a person struggling with mental health issues. The hospital said that it hoped to play a part in conversations addressing these issues.

"We agree with those urging government to direct more resources toward supporting people who struggle with mental illness and behavioral health challenges. We support expansion of services that will allow mental health professionals to work more closely with law enforcement to provide appropriate and compassionate care to people in crisis. Over the last two days, leadership from the URMC Department of Psychiatry have begun conversations with the Monroe County Office of Mental Health about how Strong Memorial Hospital can play a major role in addressing these challenges. URMC leaders look forward to working with the County Executive, Mayor [Lovely] Warren, and other local leaders on these important issues," the statement said.

Daniel Prude
People march past a make shift memorial at the site where Daniel Prude was arrested on September 03, 2020 in Rochester, New York. URMC responded to Prude's brother's accusations that he didn't receive adequate medical care. Michael M. Santiago/Getty