Ashes of Son in Urn Stolen From Nurse Mother's Car in Parking Lot

The grief of parents left reeling by the death of their son in a car crash has been compounded by the theft of an urn containing his ashes.

The lives of Chris and April Lundgren, from Hubert, North Carolina, were upside down after Blake Alexander Wade Elom died in a car accident in September 2020 aged only 24.

The couple kept the urn that contained his ashes close to them at all times.

But the precious memento of their son's life was stolen when their car was broken into in a car parking lot north Houston, Texas, where April Lundgren had been working as an ER nurse, Fox 26 reported.

"Our family has already lost its son and this is all we have left of him," she told the network.

Investigators with Harris County Sheriff's Office said surveillance footage showed a man breaking into the car by the Wyndham Garden hotel in Willowbrook where the couple had been staying, at around 5.15 a.m. Saturday and climbing inside.

Urn with ashes
A stock image of a metal urn with ashes is shown in this illustrative picture. A couple from North Carolina has been left bereft after the urn with their son's ashes in it was stolen from their car. Getty

"The urn was the first thing that he took from my car so we are assuming that he thought it was a jewelry box," she told Fox 26, "so I am sure when he got home he discovered that he was sorely mistaken."

"We are all just really praying that someone will see the urn or know who took it and give it back to us."

She said it was difficult to break the news of the theft to the couple's 12-year-old daughter and that it was an especially bitter blow coming up to Thanksgiving. In an interview with ABC 13, April Lundgren said the couple had to return to North Carolina.

"Just going back without him is very painful," she told the network. "It means everything," she said, "this is all we have left of him other than memories."

She described Blake as being "full of life." "He would give the shirt off his back to anyone," she told the network, "he was very caring and loving."

The family said it would offer a cash reward for anybody with information that leads to the urn.

"We just want it back, no questions asked," Chris Lundgren told ABC 13. A purse and new pair of boots were also taken. "We don't care about any of the other items. We don't care about what took place."

"All that stuff is replaceable, fixable," he added, "we just want Blake back."

Newsweek has contacted Harris County Sheriff's Office for comment.